what should you do for a living?

found out what you should do for a living.this quiz will make it easy so you dont have to choose.just answer a few simple questions and the job right for you is just seconds away.

so are you more of a nice guy or the criminal type.would you rather rob the bank or get payed for stoping the guy who is.or you can always just clean up messes after little kids.

Created by: mike of myspace.com/hpbuttons
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  1. your friend decides is going to beat up some1 else after school what do you do?
  2. what is your favorite desert?
  3. where do you live
  4. when you watch t.v. do you
  5. do you do drugs?if so which kind?
  6. when its cold outside you
  7. what phrase have you said the most
  8. are you outgoing
  9. your favorite number is?
  10. if you had to choose one of these nicnames which one would you pick?
  11. most appealing color to you?

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Quiz topic: What should I do for a living?