How rich are you?

Rich people live a luxury lifestyle, while poor people are barely making ends meet. There's a significant difference in house size, clothes brands, and car costs.

Which category do you fall under? Are you overflowing with cash, or have you got a decent amount, or are you struggling? Take this quiz to find out in less than four minutes!

Created by: aliciaboa
  1. So, what's your house like?
  2. How many electronics are in you home? Count phones, tablets, computers, and TVs too
  3. What clothes are you/ your family members most likely to wear?
  4. What are your grades in school?
  5. How nice is your neighborhood?
  6. What kind of vacations?
  7. Do you get what you want, and who pays? What about allowance?
  8. What's your parent's combined pre tax income?
  9. What's your car going to be like?
  10. Last Question! Do you have chores?

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Quiz topic: How rich am I?