how well do you know prison break

there are a few people i know who are interested in this show but i am i huge fan of it if you are as well then take this simple test to find out if you are truly a fan.

i know you will enjoy it it has many interesting and fun questions see it for your self. it makes you realize how much you really know the show give it a try.

Created by: kathy

  1. what color is Micheal's eyes
  2. at the beginning of the season how many people were involved with Micheal
  3. at what season did Micheal remove his tattoo
  4. what was the first prison they were in
  5. what was the origami that he taught Sara to do when she was in prison.
  6. what was Micheal's old job before going to prison
  7. what is the most thing that t-bag is known for
  8. what color is Lincon's eyes
  9. why were Micheal and Linc so different
  10. what did Linc and Micheal think happened to their mother as they were young
  11. why did Micheal kill himself at the end of the season
  12. where did Sara get that scar from
  13. can u wait for the results

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Quiz topic: How well do I know prison break