Do you know Make It or Break It?

There are many smart people, but few true Make It or Break It geniuses. Genius is, afterall, exceptional. What is Make It or Break It? An awesome show that is so awesome and about gymnastics.

are you a make it or break it know it all? test your skills right here in this very quiz! insanityrox2 in the house! i made this quiz cuz i was super bored, so hope you like it!

Created by: insanityrox2
  1. Who is the new girl?
  2. After the new girl arrives, what color of leotard is she wearing?
  3. Who did Lauren lose her virginity to?
  4. What is Payson's idea of gymnastics?
  5. At the party, who is the lead singer of the band?
  6. What channel is this show on?
  7. When does this show air?
  8. Who has the job at the Pizza place?
  9. Where do the girls train currently?
  10. Who is Carter's girl friend?
  11. Who is not going to Nationals?
  12. Who has back pain right before the invitational meet to Denver?
  13. Who is competitive with Kelly Parker?

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Quiz topic: Do I know Make It or Break It?