Wanted to die because of a break up?

LOVE RELATIONSHIP happen no matter what age you are in. But i how you handle it, even is a break up. Everyone. Had to go through even if you vow not to have bf/gf one day, a person will always move ur heart (:

IN A NICE STEAD RELATIONSHIP BUT BECAUSE OF MINOR THING AND BReAK UP? think about the others, some of them also live untill today. this is how god work. before you met ur mr/mrs right, god always let you meet some that is wrong and let you learn the mistake taken in there. (:

Created by: minghuei
  1. How long did you and ur did other half walk untill this break up?
  2. Where you both usually go dating?
  3. Did you remember those important dates? (E.g BDae,Anni,etc)
  5. Get jealous easily?
  6. because of what that make you jealous?
  7. Give attitude to the other half?
  8. Share the same hobby, almost every thing could be exchange to share.
  10. really no chioce?

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