Are you Emo, or Goth?

I like myspace so why not have a great quiz? people love them. and i like it when im better than them at them so i wanted to make my own. because quizes rock! i am kind of bored so i wanted to make one and i like quizes sooooo yeah. i hope you enjoy my quiz

Have you ever wanted to know if your emo or gothic? well now u can know. with my quiz you will know if you are and why you are. because it can sometimes be confusing. am i right? like if u like hollister but your gothic and stuff does that make you prep or scene?

Created by: tom
  1. How many hours a day do u cry?
  2. What style do you wear?
  3. Have you ever worn makeup?
  4. How many times has your heart been broken?
  5. What skin type are you?
  6. What kind of music do you like?
  7. Whats your favorite color?
  8. What store do you love?
  9. Have you ever drawn a tear on your face?
  10. What kind of shoes do you LOVE?

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Quiz topic: Am I Emo, or Goth?