The Goth Quiz

Are you goth? or are you just a poser? Well if you answer these 12 Questions truthfully, you will know. Now some people think they are goth but are not, some people are emo but think they are goth or are goth and think they are emo. Take the quiz, answer truthfully and you will know.

Please don't be offeneded by the quetions/ answers, results. i don't mean to offened (well maybe i do just a little but) but seriously? its a quiz online.

Created by: Penny

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  1. What color of Nail polish do you have on riiiight...... NOW!
  2. What Shoes do you usually wear?
  3. I bet you are listening to music now. If so, Which band is or is close to what you are listening to
  4. As you might be able to tell, i don't really like Preps/ cheerleaders/ jocks. but i support almost everything else. What "click" do you beling 2 @ skool?
  5. Why are you taking this quiz?
  6. Are you wearing a Black Corset/ Bustier?
  7. Does you boyfriend (if you have 1) wear eyeliner? Or Black on Black outfits? with cool Bloodred hair(or other cool color)(In that order plz!)
  8. Eyeliner- What style
  9. If you color your hair what brand do you use?
  10. Do you have a Myspace? (or facebook, doesnt matter

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