How Goth Are You, Really?

There are quite a few people out there that think themselves to be Goth. They think that just because they wear black lipstick, or because they wear all black, that that makes them a Goth. The truth is, IT DOESN'T! This quiz was created to show those people how FAKE they really are when they get their scores back and it tells them that they have failed.

Unfortunately, this quiz was made for teens ONLY. It seems that FAKES are mostly found amongst the teenagers. So, without further ado, if you're not 'too scared' of seeing your true rating amongst Goths of the 21st century, then go ahead and take this quiz. What is the worst that could happen? Oh yea, you'll be proven to that you ARE A POSEUR!

Created by: Solita Arcayne
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  1. What subgenera was Goth born from?
  2. Which band was the first of the Goth scene?
  3. What is Absinthe?
  4. What is your favorite color?
  5. Are ALL Goths Pierced?
  6. Hot Topic...
  7. When at bars, Goths generally...
  8. Goth is...
  9. Does wearing black make you goth?
  10. Does calling oneself Goth make them Goth?
  11. Do you Have to wear black?
  12. Do all Goths dye their hair black?
  13. Is Bela Lugosi Dead?
  14. What kind of clothes do you wear?
  15. What Movie is this quote from: "Victims, aren't we all?"
  16. Which of the following is NOT a Tim Burton film?
  17. Who is Voltaire?
  18. Are all Goths suicidal?
  19. Goths are individuals who just happen to like some of the same music, movies, style of dress, etc.
  20. All goths like Marilyn Manson.
  21. Who wrote Frankenstein?
  22. Some Goths love Hello Kitty.
  23. Goths tend to smoke...
  24. Which do you Prefer?
  25. Nightclub or Rave?
  26. Where Would you rather hang out?
  27. Where did the term 'Gothic' come from?
  28. Do you have to hate everyone to be Goth?
  29. Can Goths Have normal friends?

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Quiz topic: How Goth am I, Really?