Do you know Cascada?

Well i really don't know why i made this quiz. Guess i was just bored. I supposed i wanted to see if i wa the only Cascada fan out there also. Not that i don't like other bands! Jeez, give me a break!!!

So . . . do you think you know Cascada? If you do, take the quiz. If you don't, walk away and act like nothing happened. Simple as that. Don't take it personal, Cascada isn't exactly the kind of singer you find in te news all the time.

Created by: emmo
  1. Where was Cascada born?
  2. What is Cascada's real name?
  3. Is Cascada british, or spainish?
  4. What type of music does Cascada sing?
  5. What hair color does Cascada have?
  6. What country band did Cascada sing a song from?
  7. Does Cascada make her own songs?
  8. Almost done. Do you like this quiz? (won't affect score. maybe)
  9. What color is the cover of Cascad's second cover?
  10. What is the title of Cascada's second cover?
  11. Congrats you're finally done! So . . . do you think you know Cascada?

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Quiz topic: Do I know Cascada?