What kind of music is for you? (Find some new bands!)

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Bored of the radio? Bored of your CDs? Bored of your current music library? This quiz will evaluate your tastes and give you some new recommendations!

Do you like music but aren't sure what to listen to? This quiz will evaluate your tastes, decide which genres you would like, and recommend some bands for you!

Created by: Rebel-kah
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. The kind of music you usually enjoy is...
  2. Favorite Color
  3. What is your least favorite genre of music?
  4. If you were forced to pick one of these singers/bands to listen to, which would you pick? (I feel bad for you)
  5. Least important part of a song?
  6. Your favorite instrument?
  7. Your hair color is...
  8. You would describe yourself as being...
  9. How many songs are on your music player?
  10. How do you purchase your music?

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