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  • I got post-rock. I'm not sure any of the options are really very me...I'm complicated with music, I like things that are catchy (like Moves Like Jaggar) and things that are beautiful (like Jar of Hearts, A Thousand Years, Part of Me) and I like things with a great meaning (the last songs I mentioned, Katy Perry, Tonight I'm Getting Over You). The songs in brackets are just examples by the way. I also appreciate classical music, though I would prefer to listen to pop, hip-hop or top 40. I quite like certain rock songs, particularly classic rock (Katie Tunstal, Pat Benatar).

    So I'm difficult to place, but you did a pretty good job in my opinion. 8/10

  • Your Result: Dream Pop, Shoegaze

    66% You like heavier sounds, but you don't want to be overwhelmed by them, but rather covered by them, as if you were in a haze. Listen to - My Bloody Valentine (If you haven't already) Asobi Seksu Thee Heavenly Music Association

    58% Something Pretty
    34% Alt-Pop
    24% Rock
    18% Post-Rock
    2% Something Strange

  • Your Result: Something Strange 74%

    You're so bored with everyday life. You need something that sounds like nothing you've ever heard before, and you need it now! Listen to - Midori HikkieP Bjork Aphex Twin

    Something Pretty 32%
    Alt-Po p 30%
    Post-Rock 22%
    Dream Pop, Shoegaze 22%
    Makes sense. I'm...weird and LOVING it!!

    dub wu88uw dub
  • Rock. Yes, though I'm definitely more into the classic rock era and especially the 90s. However, I also enjoy a lot of variety as well (classical, punk, blues, etc). All in all, I liked it. :)

  • I got rock... Nah I prefer metal... Either melodic death metal or black metal

  • Basically correct but I've changed.

    Neverthele ss I loved Polly scattergood. Thank you.

  • Yeah

  • not very accurate because my fave type of music is pop and Gangnam Style rocks! eeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhh hh sexy lady op op op oppa gangnam style

  • ROCK!! LOL! Love the results, great quiz... Well done! :)

  • dream pop :) ok i'll try some! thankss


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