What Genre Of Music Are You?

Do you ever wonder what genre of music you are? Are you sometimes unable to decide between two types of music? Do you have problems with picking your favorite songs, singers, and bands?

If you do, take this quiz. Can't choose between Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga, Asking Alexandria and Lil Wayne? Find out what type of music you really are. And who knows, if you don't already, you might find you really like it!

Created by: Panic! At The Disco
  1. Your favorite genre of music is...
  2. Which group has at least one artist you listen to? (Pick the group that has the most.)
  3. A singer you like is...
  4. When was your favorite song written?
  5. Your favorite band name of the ones below is...
  6. Who's your favorite of these?
  7. The song title that would fit in best with the ones you already have on your iPod would have to be...
  8. The instrument you like to be able to hear the most when listening to music is...
  9. Where you live, what is the most common type of song you hear?
  10. At a concert of your favorite singer/band, you'd most likely be doing what?

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Quiz topic: What Genre Of Music am I?