What music do you like

With so many types of music out there, find out which type really suits your personality. You may think you like your genre of music but... you could be wrong!

Just answer the twelve questions to find out which genre of music really suits your personality. The results are nearly one hundred percent accurate, if you answer honestly.

Created by: Tyson Clarke
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Your freind invites you to a Christina Aguilera concert, you say
  2. Your favourite weekend pastime is
  3. Your Favourite Color is
  4. You find yourself at a karaoke bar, and you are singing
  5. Choose one occupation
  6. Your Current Hairstyle is
  7. Your favourite piece of technology is
  8. Your friends call you
  9. You find yourself at a club where they play really crap music, and you are
  10. At a party, you

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Quiz topic: What music do I like