spring break 2007

This quiz is mainly about your summer and spring break(s). it has questions that involves what you mainly do and/or how you react during your break. the quiz has all possible answers there are. if you dont see the answer that you are looking, for than pick one that is the closest.

can you determine how much of your time is being spent on vacationing and all? take the awesome quiz to see how you feel about your vacation or how you want to feel about your vacation.

Created by: kim

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  1. You enjoy being at the beach more than any kind of skating
  2. you enjoy partying at the beach
  3. you spend more time on the computer rather than watching tv during spring break
  4. you spend more time with your boyfriend/girlfriend rather than your friends
  5. you sleep in more during spring break rather than the summer
  6. you tend to eat more during spring break rather than the summmer
  7. you spend more time on myspace rather than facebook
  8. you spend more time at parties rather than pizza hut
  9. you spend more time thinking rather than studying
  10. you dont know how to spell during your vacation

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