Cloud one pt. 2

Welcome to part two of Cloud one. If you haven't read the last parts, you might want to. In this part, you'll get to meet more people. I apologize if the paragraphs are sloppy. My mind is a bit fogged up. :$ *RECAP: You got a bit scared and confused so you ran out your dorm, running into this guy who flirts with you nonstop. He was going to interduce himself but someone slashed a bucket of cold icy water at you.

***Please read. Okay, so due to personal problems that are happening now, I might release part three late. I kinda need a break but before I rest, I give you this. Part two. :3

Created by: rvelez

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  1. I pushed back my wet bang and looked up to see the same girls this morning. I stayed silent and watched them laugh at me until I was pulled to a different direction. I blinked back some tears, noticing it was the guy.
  2. "Where are y-you taking me?" I muttered. He peeked by a corner then step out, fishing out his keys. "To dry you up." He finally replied, opening the door and stepping off to the side to let me walk in first. I smiled, weakly and entered. "But I can just go to my-" He closed the door and shot one hand up in silence. "I want to help out." I rolled my eyes and he walked in his bathroom. I was cold, probably shivering like a chihwahua. They planned the surprise. I know they did. Their giggles still echo in my head which is the most annoying thing I've ever heard. I glanced back up as he came out with a tropical blue towel. "Here. My favorite towel." "Um.. Thanks, I guess." I whispered, as he slowly wrapped it around me. "No prob. I don't know what's gotten into Victoria." I stared into his eyes. "You know her?" He nodded, looking away.
  3. "Who is she?" I asked. He closed his eyes for a minute then mutter something but it wasn't loud enough for me to understand. He open his eyes. "Uh.. So what's your name?" He asked, changing the subject. I walked around, gazing at the paintings, neatly hung above his bed. "_____." I replied, "Yours?" He took a step back, jamming his fist in his pockets. "Tradee. Tradee Goski." He answered. I nodded, picking up the trophy by his bed. "What is this for?" You might say I was trying to keep a convosation on going but his dorm actually amazed me. Paintings were hung, each had their own unique beauty, awards were placed on counters and stands and his room was actually the best room I've ever been in. Yeah, that makes me sound like a dork. I laughed to myself a little before facing him. He was staring at me, head tilt, eyes locked and body leaned. "Soccer." He replied. "I was the best player on the team."
  4. I smiled. "Oh, that's cool." He shrugged, "I guess, huh?" Awkward. I make things awkward. Well, can't blame me for that. He's the first guy who noticed me. I've been here for a month so I guess you can still say I'm a bit new. The bell rang. "Hey," He started. "Maybe we can hang out sometime, is that cool?" I looked up and nodded, quickly. "Yes. That seems nice." "Good. Girls aren't really suppose to be in the guys' dorms so lets get going before-" There was a light knock on the door. "Mr. Goski? Is Flute in there? And who are you talking to?" A voice spoke behind the door. "Crap.." Tradee mumbled. "Hide in the bathroom. Hurry." He shooed, pushing me in the bathroom and turning off the lights. "Stay put." He whispered. I sighed as I felt him head for the door. Woof. I mentally said, sarcastically.
  5. I heard the door open. "Good afternoon, Mr. Goski. Is Mr. Riley here?" It was a lady. I peeked through the crack and saw a lady in a navy blue uniform skirt and a white puffy top to match her white high heels. She pushed back her glasses and patted her bun. "No, ma'am. He's probably in the cafe." Tradee replied. The lady nodded, handing him a note. "Give this to him, will you? Thank you." He nodded as she pressed her clipboard closer to her chest. "I will." He repeated and she left. He closed the door and set the note on the other bed by the window. "Alright. You can come out now." I sighed and pushed the door open, rolling my eyes. Tradee smirked. "Rolling your eyes is a bad habit of yours, missy."
  6. "Whatever. I'm leaving." I started. He reached out and grabbed my arm. "Here." He quickly grab a pen and a writing pad, jot something down and tear off the page before handing it to me. "See ya." He winked and I walked out, stuffing the piece of paper in my pocket. "Not even going to bother to look at what it is." I murmer, walking once again toward the cafe.
  7. I finally got there and there weren't many people there. Many are outside playing a sport or in their dorms, relaxing since it's afternoon activites time which I don't do much but walk around the school. It wasn't long until I over heard someone talking about a party that is being held in the gym. "Cloud's my date!" A girl squealed, jumping up and down. The others were staring at her, perhaps jealous? But whatever, the sound of the party kinda made me want to do a cartwheel. "Oh joy." Daisy scold. She noticed me and waved me over. Oh yeah. I actually forgot about Daisy, my only friend.
  8. I finally reached her. "Hey, Daisy." She gave me a weird look. "Girl, what on earth are you doing with that towel on you?" I then noticed that I still had Tradee's towel with me. Laughs exploded and whispered sneaked to ear to ear. "Um.. Well I kinda-" Daisy snatched the towel off. "Whatever, _____. I just wanted to ask you that are you going to the party?" I blinked, "Uh, when?" I asked. She flip her brown rich hair over one shoulder and handed me an invitiation. "Well, it's in two days and it starts at five p.m. and it ends at nine." I thought about it for a second. "S-sure." I replied and she hugged me. "Ewie. You're kinda wet." She complained, backing away. I laughed. "Long story."
  9. She gave me a 'You're-going-to-tell-me-later' look and smiled but I actually wanted to tell her now. Not later. "Do you know Tradee?" I finally blurted out. Daisy's eyes widen. "Tradee? Of course I do. He's my study buddy. Why? Did something happen between you two? Oho you are so telling me now!" She squeaked. I rolled my eyes. "No. Nothing happened. I was just asking." "He's a flirt." A black haired girl started. She was sitting on the window still, reading a book. "Huh?" I mumbed, stupidly. She looked up, her green eyes young. "You heard me. He's like Cloud but.. with a bit more cocky." I blinked, mentally telling her to go on. She closed her book and set it on her lap. "You do know Cloud, right? That creepy guy?" Daisy glared at her. "Cloud is not creepy. He's just an attractive good lookin' guy who doesn't like being bother." The girl gave her a pale look. "Whatever." She continued, facing me. "The name's Raylou. Rayl or Lou for short. Nice to meet you." She got up and walked off.
  10. "What's up with her?" I asked. Daisy laughed, amused. "She's crazy. Mentally." She stuck out her index finger, held it up near the side of her head and circle it, making a face while sticking out her tongue. "Oh." I said. "Don't mind her. Hey! I need help with Ms. Stan's project. Mind if I come over tonight?" I nodded, "That's fine." "Cool." She purred, waving and walking away. Oi.
  11. Well, this is boring. I have nothing to do.. We had two hours of free time which in my case is: two hours of boredom. I thought for a minute, focusing on a great topic to write for my report but it was complicated. A shadow creeped over a corner, peeking. With that, I lost train of thought and I felt the hair on my arms stand up. Chills happen to roll down like when those girls threw that cold ice water at me. The shadow was somewhat tall and it shape of a guy. "Oh jee.." I whispered, realizing I was walking up to it.
  12. 'Stop, human!' I jumped up, startled, finally spinning around to see who said that but everything and everyone seem not to hear or say that. "I'm insane.." I choked, growing nervous. I glanced back at where the shadow hide but it was gone.
  13. I'm hearing and seeing things. I assured myself, speed walking back to my dorm and clasping on my bed. "What is happening to me? Human? Stop what? I did nothing. There was nothing. That was nothing. I closed my eyes and drifted to sleep. The nap seem like it was only ten minutes until the bell rang. I glanced at the clock. 7:00. "Dinner..." I said to myself. I got up, stretched and grabbed my bag. It was a bit dark outside so I closed the curtains and went out, making sure the door was locked. "Daisy should be here in a hour." I quick my pace and finally entered the cafe. They were serving meatloaf, mash potatoes and green beans. Bleh. That's getting old. Welp. Time to really go out. I passed the cafe and signed out in the front lobby. "Where is Ms. _____ going tonight?" The lady asked, typing something on the computer. "Dinner. I'm not feeling tonight's dinner." I replied and she nodded, handing my the clipboard. I signed my name and put out the time and date. "Thanks." I thanked.
  14. I pushed the double doors open and walked down the steps. A light breeze greeted me and I smiled. "I haven't been out in weeks." I started, looking around while heading to the small restarunt near the school. I was almost there but I stopped my steps and glanced across the street. A figure was following me in a trench coat. He stopped as well, the shadows hid his face.

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