Gender an age never count. I made up a story. Lets say you die, but when you die your assigned a cloud. How high up the cloud is the more of a challenge it will be to get to the cloud. Once you get to the next cloud you have to beat that cloud till you on the 1st level cloud. If you beat that cloud you are sent back on earth to collect 3,000 souls who are evil. Once you collect them you can have your soul back. But if you don't defeat the cloud, what ever cloud your on you fall off of and die.

Thanks if you take my quiz. THis quiz is just about how evil you are. And you can't say your not evil cuz we all are in our own ways. So thanks for taking the quiz:)

Created by: mcr111
  1. The dread question: whats your fav. color?
  2. Do you like when it thunders or rains when you falling asleep?
  3. If you were to travel to another state would you rather?
  4. Do you get into trouble alot?
  5. WOuld you rather?
  6. Do you lie alot?
  7. Do phoney people bother you?
  8. WOuld you rather?
  9. Do you believe you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover?
  10. WHat type of movie do you like?
  11. DO you obsess about things?
  12. Do you worry alot?
  13. Can you tell people's emotions?
  14. DO you wish on stars?

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