The ultimate act of cyber-narcissism

This is all about me. Me. Me. Me. Me. do re ME fa so la ti do. Myspace is all about people obsessing about TheirSpace. So I thought it would be APT to write a quiz about ME. The quiz does not require even a basic level of intellect, but then again nor does using MySpace. I simply requires a level of self-love so prevalent in Generation Y.

All the best. All the best. All the best. All the best. All the best. All the best. All the best. All the best. All the best. All the best. All the best. All the best.All the best. All the best. The winner shall recieve a turtle.

Created by: Lyndsey
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Where do I live?
  2. I have two new well-bred Christmas-gift ducklings, what are their names?
  3. My little sister is spending her 'gap' year...
  4. I was considered 'daggy' when I requested an album from which artist for Christmas? (And consequently did not recieve said gift)
  5. I am currently writing for which magazine?
  6. Which code of football is far-and-away the greatest to watch and play?
  7. I am constantly being pulled over by highway-police for which reason?
  8. An arts degree from CSU is worth:
  9. The funniest character on Family Guy is:
  10. My middle name is:
  11. My favourite Australian author is:
  12. Myspace is an important contemporary social tool because...

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