Cyber Bullying Quiz

Can you handle this awsomely cool quiz about Cyber bullying if your up for the test come on in!Bullying sucks so take this test and next time you can help them out when they need help and always stand up for you friends!

This is a great test about cyber bullying so try your bullying nowledge on our awsomely cool test!I worked really hard on it so don't just trash it take it to consideration and if you see someone getting bulied HELP THEM! And for any bullies out there your very evil and when you bully it can change peoples lives for the worst so stop bullying! =D

Created by: Tay
  1. Where does cyber bullying happen the most often?
  2. What is cyber bullying?
  3. What do you do when your getting cyber bullied?
  4. If your getting bullied and you loged off what do you do then
  5. When your getting bullied at school what should you do?
  6. If you see some one getting bullyied what should you do?
  7. Cyber bullying only happens on computers
  8. Bullies don't always think that they are bullies
  9. People who get bullied some timed become bullies themselves
  10. Did you like our test

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