Issues At Work? Quiz

There are many different issues at work. However, they usually gravitate around two catorgories: One, the co-worker or Two The Manager. See Which one relates to you. EMPLOYEES ONLY

Answer the questions truthfully for you'll only know who's to blame for the mess your in. Again this is for the Employees Only. This is a general test and should not be taken to seriously but you should be able to probe the issues more easily and know who is the real problem. CoWorker Issues and Manager Issues could very well be noted for Workplace Bullying. Victims of workplace bullying should do the best they can against the victimizer and stand and fight.

Created by: Jimbo9889

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  1. Do you find yourself working less than what you have worked in the past? (Normal 5 day wrk wk. Now 2 or 3 dys)
  2. Do co-workers give you looks? Treat you differently than before?
  3. Do the people that treat you differently know the manager as a friend or compatiable?
  4. Do people tell you that the manager has been talking about you?
  5. Do You Feel Isolated or Not Part of the Same Team?
  6. Do you think that know matter how hard you work, that no one will ever accept you?
  7. If You Ever Try To Make Up For lost Time Does The Manager Even Let You?
  8. Do You Work Hard?
  9. Does The Manager Approve The Way You Work?
  10. Are You Burnout(emotional exhaustion, depersonalization, and reduced sense of personal accomplishment.) By The End of The Day?
  11. Do you have a feeling that the manager might be out to get you? Co-Workers?
  12. Do You Know That People Talk Behind Your Back? In a NEGATIVE WAY
  13. Have You Ever Argued or Said Your Feels about the management style to anyone?

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