Warriors RPG Problems (5/23/08)

On Warriors RolePlaying All RolePlay, we have numerous issues that divide the site. Only those who are working to solve them can truly appreciate the in-depth test you are about to take.

Are YOU up-to-date on the latest issues of the site? Or are you ignorant of the problems? Only a few know all of these issues and troubles of the Clans and Roleplayers. The question is: Are you one of them?

Created by: Frozenstar

  1. Who is the notorious hacker that has "come back from the dead" several times?
  2. Who are some of the most notorious fighters on the site? (No offense to them!)
  3. Which of these, on the Pain's Gang page, is specifically mentioned as targeted?
  4. Which cat cheats on she-cats but never gets caught?
  5. Where are the cats headed on their journey from StarClan?
  6. Why are said cats going on the journey?
  7. When did the Impersonators and Thunder00 first appear?
  8. Which group was almost a Clan, but argument arose so it was demoted?
  9. Which Clan did people get fickle about the number of medicine cats?
  10. Why were members left horrified on May 10th, 1008?
  11. What is the problem currently endangering the forest?
  12. How was Thunder00 defeated?

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