what dog is right for you

This is a quiz to help you find the right dog. I have listed 3 dogs at the end of this quiz. One dog has a high level of energy, the other has a medium level of energy and the last one has a very low level of energy.

This quiz will find you the perfect dog for you and your family. just make sure you really answer the questions as best as you can, because the answers that go with the questions each match up with a dog. well good luck.

Created by: no way!
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you mind dogs that shed or would you prefer a dog that doesnt shed.
  2. What is your energy level?
  3. How often are you home?
  4. do you have land?
  5. do you have kids in the house, if so what age
  6. Are you or any of your family members alergic to dogs?
  7. Dogs are expensive, do you have the money to take care of them and bring them to the vet when needed.
  8. do all your other family members want a dog?
  9. do you have another pet in the house that can keep the dog company
  10. if you live in an apartment do they alow pets?

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