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There are many plants, but few plants. Plants, afterall, are quite exceptional species. What is a plant? Plants are apart of nature and vegans eat them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They are exorbitant and rich with nutrients and love energy. Go outside for once you greasy internet-dweller! Owo

Have you experienced love energy? Do you have the wits and skills to obtain such intense vibes? Until then you could only wonder. But thanks to my meme, you'll find a new place in this unniverrsee.

Created by: 1714
  1. so, what's your name?
  2. So, Bob Edwards, how has life been?
  3. Can you feel the love energy, plant?
  4. So plant, Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton
  5. Haha, I think they are all gay!
  6. Do you like LeafyIsHere?
  7. If you don't like him, your life is worth it.
  8. Never the plant. Vegans are earth-killers. Carnivores are animal killers. We all contribute to the death of our ecosystems.
  9. God is nothing but a dream delirious people stay in until they die. Satan is the reality people fear, and that's why they stay within the dream, God.
  10. Correct, what does this conclude? Humans are delirious by nature and have pulses to fill the void of purpose. The void is there for a reason, the reason being we aren't here for a reason.
  11. Stream along the path of western culture, you will never find yourself again. Your lifespan will be replaced with phone percentages. It ends when it hits 0%. You can charge your phone, but not your life.

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