How botanical are you?

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Botany is a branch of science. It is the study of plants. It allows you to study the characteristics and features of different plants. It makes us know about the different and minute parts of plant.

Here in this quiz I have given some basic questions of Botany. They are not much.. Just 10 questions which will allow you to know the results...So I am going to present this quiz.

Created by: Gracious
  1. What is Botany?
  2. The Fern plant is also called as?
  3. Fern belongs to the division____???
  4. What is Spirogyra?
  5. To which division does Spirogyra belongs?
  6. In which division does vascular tissues are present?
  7. What is the shape of the Moss capsule?
  8. Which of these plants bear Rhizoids instead of roots?
  9. Which of these have an Umbrella like body at it's tip which is called as Pileus?
  10. How much do you love and care for plant?

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Quiz topic: How botanical am I?