How much do you know about plants?

Ever wondered whether you would ace a test about plants or fail it? You get the answer here. Do you know a little bit, a lot, or a whole big load about plants?

You can count on this quiz to tell you your botanist skills. Would you be a botanist or not? I got most of the information from nonfiction recourses that you can trust.

Created by: Happy

  1. Plants need:
  2. Okay, that was an easy question. Here's a harder one. Maple tree's sap makes...
  3. The time to get maple tree sap is:
  4. Maple tree bark is:
  5. Which of the following probably does NOT have gardens
  6. Are you male or female? (Does not affect your score) Well, it does but just lie and it affects your score by guessing which one I marked right.
  7. Are beans a fruit?
  8. Are plants boring?
  9. Can plants tell time?
  10. How many people do plants hate?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about plants?