Alex's Awesome Science Ch. 1-4 Midterm

There are many different chapters in that great big science book, and it may be necessary to be constantly reviewing for your midterm! Here is how you can study!

Just take this quiz to find out if you are ready for that scary test! Don't worry, you will do great! You should be ready in no time if you use this quiz.

Created by: AlexanduhHi
  1. What is observing?
  2. What is predicting?
  3. What does quantitative mean?
  4. What does qualitative mean?
  5. What is classifying?
  6. What is the manipulated variable?
  7. What is the responding variable?
  8. Who do you immediately contact in a lab emergency?
  9. Which of these is the correct order of the scientific method?
  10. If one microscope lens makes the image 15 times bigger, and the second lens makes the image 30 times bigger, what is the total magnification?
  11. What does the cell theory state?
  12. What does the cell membrane do?
  13. What does the mitochondrion do?
  14. What does the nucleus do?
  15. What is homeostasis?
  16. What does it mean when organisms share classification levels?
  17. Name the eight levels of classification and put them in the correct order. (Do Kings Put Cookies Out For Good Soldiers?)
  18. What does photosynthesis do?
  19. What does respiration do?
  20. What does mitosis do?
  21. Order the four stages of Mitosis.
  22. What shape is DNA?
  23. Which DNA base lines up with Adenine?
  24. Which base lines up with Cytosine?
  25. What is diffusion?
  26. What is the difference between active and passive transport?
  27. What is the relationship between genes and alleles?
  28. How many chromosomes does Meiosis provide sex cells with?
  29. What is a mutation?
  30. What is the difference between transfer and messenger RNA?
  31. Which base is found in RNA and not in DNA?
  32. What is the difference between genotype and phenotype?
  33. What is the difference between homozygous and heterozygous?
  34. HONESTY: Do you know how to analyze a Punnett square?

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