Alex's Awesome Science Ch. 5-7 + Creationism Midterm

Are you scared about that midterm? Would you like some help studying for it? Here is an awesome quiz to help you study and ace that test! I believe in you!

Just go ahead and take this quiz and find out if you are ready to take your midterm! This took a lot of work to make so thank you for using this to study!

Created by: AlexanduhHi
  1. Which pair of sex chromosomes create a male?
  2. Which pair of sex chromosomes create a female?
  3. What is cloning?
  4. What is a carrier?
  5. What is hybridization?
  6. What is a pedigree?
  7. What is the Human Genome Project?
  8. What is genetic engineering?
  9. What order do the steps of genetic engineering in bacteria to create human insulin go in?
  10. How are stem cells used to help people?
  11. Why must evolution and creationism be accepted by faith?
  12. How could the canopy layer have influenced the earth's environment?
  13. What should a good creationist theory have?
  14. When do favorable genes allow for change over time?
  15. How does that allow for change over time?
  16. What are fossils?
  17. How do fossils form?
  18. What is extinction?
  19. What is the difference between gradualism and punctuated equilibrium?
  20. HONESTY: Do you know how to analyze a branching tree diagram?
  21. What is the difference between micro and macro evolution?
  22. Is micro evolution observed or inferred?
  23. Is macro evolution observed or inferred?
  24. Which is an example of micro evolution?
  25. Which is an example of macro evolution?
  26. What important role do bacterial decomposers play in our world?
  27. How does a vaccine work?
  28. Why are viruses considered nonliving?
  29. How do viruses get their energy?
  30. How do viruses reproduce?
  31. What is symbiosis?
  32. What is an example of symbiosis in Kingdom Fungi?

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