Are you an evolutionist or a creationist?

The U.S. population seems to be pretty evenly divided on whether or not the human species is biologically related to other animals or if it was miraculously created out of nothing. This issue clearly relates to one of the most ongoing controversies in American society, evolution vs. creationism.

Whether you accept evolution or believe in creationism, I encourage you to take this survey. Oh and about the term "evolutionist" I have used that term to contrast those who accept evolution from the creationists and I know many people don't like that word. I know the creationists often use it but they don't intend it to be derogatory. I'd much rather the creationists label us evolution supporters as "evolutionists" than atheists. I personally have no problem with the term.

Created by: Brendan

  1. Do you accept the theory of evolution?
  2. Do you believe in any god or deity?
  3. What's your take on gods and deities?
  4. How old do you think think the Earth is?
  5. Do you think evolution should be taught in public schools?
  6. Are you religious?
  7. Do you think there was a global flood?
  8. Do you buy into the literal six day creation?
  9. If you a religious, then which religion do you follow? If you are not religious, then just answer "N/A".
  10. How do you feel about religion?
  11. What's your take on the separation of church and state?
  12. How old do you think the universe is?

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Quiz topic: Am I an evolutionist or a creationist?