What is your stance on evolution and creationism?

This quiz is designed to find your position on creationism and evolution. Many people believe their are only two sides to the debate but their are many more stances than just believing in creation or evolution.

The results at the end are not the only combinations of beliefs. You may feel free to mix and match the beliefs presented in each category to come up with your own unique viewpoint.

Created by: Mitchell of Creation vs. Evolution
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  1. Do you believe that God's activity in the creation of the universe is a result of miraculous events over six days?
  2. Do you believe the universe is 6000 years old?
  3. Do you believe the timescale of Genesis is a representation of geologic eras?
  4. Do you believe God's role in our lives involves both miraculous events and natural processes?
  5. Do you believe that the Bible contains divine messages but is not necessarily literal?
  6. Do you believe that evolution occurs because it was in God's plan?
  7. Do you believe God is impersonal and does not play an active role in our lives?
  8. Do you believe God used natural processes to create the universe without interfering in our lives?
  9. Do you believe the Bible is an irrelevant myth?
  10. Do you believe the universe was created chaotically, without a guiding plan?
  11. Do you believe that God exists?
  12. Do you believe in the evolution of life?

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Quiz topic: What is my stance on evolution and creationism?