The 6th Grade Science Test

Hey, so I have a test tomorrow and I made this quiz to study for it. I hope you get a high score! I've said some nice and encouraging things about you when you are done!

I bet you'll do better than I did! I haven't taken it yet, but I really need to study, so good bye! Actually, it says that I need to type more, so I'll just keep typing.

Created by: Hope
  1. How do sound waves travel?
  2. What are fossil fuels formed from?
  3. When fossil fuels burn, what does it release?
  4. How can heat travel by conduction?
  5. How can potential energy in a match be converted into kinetic energy?
  6. What is the process of converting hay and corn into fuel?
  7. What is the difference of renewable and nonrenewable resources?
  8. Why is it important to find new fuels?
  9. Renewable or Nonrenewable...which is better and why.
  10. Flash cards! Good luck!
  11. The average kinetic energy of the molecules in a substance.
  12. The ability to bring about changes or to do work.
  13. An upward force on an object or a substance that is in a liquid or a gas.
  14. A disturbance that carries energy from one place to another without a net movement of matter.
  15. The opposite of something cold.
  16. The movement of energy through direct contact.
  17. The transfer of energy by the flow of a liquid or gas.
  18. A change in matter that produces new substances with properties different from those of the original substances.
  19. The energy of any moving object
  20. The energy stored in an object by changing it's location
  21. The force that acts when two surfaces rub against each other.
  22. Last one! The use of force to move on an object through a distance.

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