What Is Your English Grade?

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What Is Your English Grade is a test that was made by a professional to give you a 100% accurate result on what your Grammar IQ is! This test will ask you questions about how sentences should be correctly written and much more!

Is your English grade an A, B, C, C+, D, or F? Are you horrible, bad, normal, good, or Excellent at English? Take this test now to find out what your English IQ is!

Created by: Shimmers
  1. Which of the following words stands for you are?
  2. What is missing from this sentence? Are you nice to your friends
  3. ____the best friend ever!
  4. They____like me.
  5. Which of the following words stands for he is?
  6. What is the error in this sentence? "My friend's are going to school."
  7. Marie recently_______me that she will buy the toys for Thomas.
  8. Is this sentence written correctly? "My cousin is a dentist!"
  9. Is this sentence written correctly? "All of my brothers are twins."
  10. What are the errors in this sentence? "My birth day is in Febuary."
  11. What is the error in this sentence? "she told me that I should always preoccupy myself with something.
  12. Is this a question or a wonder? "I can't figure out why I am funny."
  13. I am always prepared for_____statements.
  14. I always talk about____with his habits.
  15. What is wrong with this sentence? "Let's just be friends?"

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