Would I like you? (Guys only)

Hi! Here are some things about me: My name is Sarah. I'm 14 years old and live in Michigan. I'm 5'3" tall. I have long, wavy brown hair and medium brown eyes. I have a light skin tone. I've never had a boyfriend before, or a first kiss. I play piano and clarinet. I excel at English and am in an advanced honors english class. In 8th grade I did 9th and 10th grade English, and in 9th grade I will be doing 11th and 12th. I play volleyball (even though I'm really bad at it) and love to swim and run. I have a great sense of humor and it's very easy to make me laugh. I might be just a LITTLE bit crazy. :P

I was pretty bored when I made this. It was summer vacation and I had nothing to do. I made this quiz for fun. Go ahead! See what your chances of me liking you are! You might be surprised with the results.

Created by: Sarah

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What is your personality like?
  2. What is your favorite sport?
  3. Do you play an instrument?
  4. What kind of hair do you have?
  5. What kind of stuff do you like?
  6. How would your friends describe you? (Pick the answer that describes you the best, even if all the words in the choices don't fit you)
  7. What matters to you most?
  8. Favorite kind of music?
  9. How would you treat a girlfriend?
  10. Where would you take a girl on the first date?
  11. Have you been in a relationship before?
  12. Do you think you would want to date me if I lived near you?
  13. (Last question) Did you like this quiz? (Sorry, I just had to ask)

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