English 8 Advanced Midterm Study Guide (Part 2)

Need another helping hand to help you study for that upcoming English 8 Advanced Midterm? Well use this quiz to guide you in your studies, in the details from The Merchant of Venice, The Scarlet Pimpernel, and Tuck Everlasting.

Class: English 8 Advanced Type: Midterm Part: 2/3 Please make sure you have gotten at least 85% on Part 1, before moving on to this Part 2! It is REQUIRED!

Created by: AlexanduhHi
  1. How many questions did you get right on Part 1?
  2. What is Marguerite Blakeney's maiden (unmarried) name?
  3. What national conflict is the setting of the novel?
  4. What British song does Percy sing several times in the novel?
  5. What is A scarlet pimpernel?
  6. Where do Marguerite and Chauvelin first meet in the novel?
  7. What chapter's title has a reference to the outrage of Sir Andrew Ffoulkes and Lord Antony Dewhurst being attacked and kidnapped by Chauvelin's men?
  8. Chauvelin encounters one other person in the supper room at Lord Grenville's ball - who is i?
  9. What significant chapter title is referred to by "discover The Scarlet Pimpernel or turn in Armand"?
  10. What sin hold Percy back in Chapter 16, when the Blakeneys discuss the events leading up to and following their wedding?
  11. What is the name of Percy's schooner?
  12. Which is not one of the many disguises Percy wears throughout the novel?
  13. What do the frogs symbolize in Tuck Everlasting?
  14. Which character of the Tuck family is younger and is a lover?
  15. Which member of the Tuck family is older and is more like a parent to Winnie?
  16. Which member of the Tuck family considers the immortality water as a gift that should be taken advantage of?
  17. Which member of the Tuck family thinks of the immortality water more in the past, and that one might as well make the best of it?
  18. Which member of the Tuck family considers the immortality water a curse, as though it makes them stuck where they are, fallen off of the life cycle of the world?
  19. What huge metaphor is used in Tuck Everlasting to explain how immortality works?
  20. HONESTY QUESTION: Are you able to explain why the director of the movie for Tuck Everlasting decided to change certain aspects from the book?
  21. HONESTY QUESTION: Do you know every bit of the Helping Verbs song?
  22. HONESTY QUESTION: Can you diagram subjects, verbs, direct objects, indirect objects, predicate nouns, and predicate adjectives?

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