Lit class crucible and raisin in the sun

This was just something I've done to help me study. This is nothing for you to be considered a "genius" for. I just needed something to hep me and this was all I could think of.

There is no point in this stupid paragraph. I just wanted to make a quiz for myself so I could study for my midterm tomorrow. But this web site is making me write this

Created by: July1996
  1. What is Parris's position in Salem?
  2. Before the play begins, what did Parris catch his daughter and other girls doing?
  3. Why did Elizabeth proctor fire Abigail?
  4. As the play opens, whom has Parris asked to come to Salem?
  5. What is John proctor's chief complaint against Parris's sermons?
  6. What does mrs. Putnam blame on witchcraft?
  7. Who is the first person that Abigail claims practiced witchcraft?
  8. In act II, what does am warren give to Elizabeth proctor when she returns home from the trials?
  9. What news does mary warren bring from Salem?
  10. Whom do Ezekiel Cheever and Herrick come to the proctor home to arrest?
  11. To what does John proctor convince mary warren to testify?
  12. Who is in charge of the court
  13. Why will Elizabeth not be hanged if she is found guilty?
  14. On what charge is Giles Corey arrested?
  15. When mary testifies against them, what does Abigail and her group of irks do?
  16. What does John do, in a desperate attempt to foil Abigail?
  17. Who is brought in to corroborate John proctor's claims about Abigail?
  18. What does Elizabeth do when she comes in to testify?
  19. What does the court do with John proctor?
  20. When John proctor is face to death, what does hale urge him to do?
  21. Why does John retract his confession?
  22. Way does Abigail do at the end of the play?
  23. What happens to John proctor?
  24. Raisin in the sun: the $10,000 on which the plot is money that
  25. The title from this play is an allusion from

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