Complicated Difference Part 30

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So, the story of your life: no more school; you share a house with cute guys who all like you, help you, and want to keep you safe; and, of course, there are plenty of powers to make it all interesting.

What happened last: You wake up and hear someone talking to the guys downstairs, saying "I only came here to warn you. There is one person over there that is willing to give me information and I've decided to use it wisely. She says she doesn't know what they are planning to do, but that they are furious with how things have turned out." Paul realized you were awake, so the guys and the guest went into the dining room, you walked in there to see...

  1. You walk in the dining room and see Oren seated at the table. You take a seat and keep the silence as you wait for someone to speak. "We all need to discuss what we're going to do," Wesley states. He looks over at Oren, who then says, "I have one last connection over on Le Mal, the island where Elisa lives. My source tells me that things are a bit chaotic over there, Elisa isn't happy about what's been happening here on L'endroit Magique. I'm not sure what they're planning to do, but, because of Elisa's unhappiness, we might be facing some trouble soon."
  2. "What do you suggest we do?" Erik questioned. Oren paused for a second and replied, "I'm not sure... but I'll let you know if I hear anything else." Breakfast continues, and once it's over Oren leaves. You decide it was time to relax a little; your life has been full of chaos ever since you realized your powers. You walk into the living room and pick up a magazine off of the small coffee table before lying down on the comfortable couch. Flipping through pages of useless-yet-interesting celebrity gossip and advertisements of the latest clothing lines, it seems to entertain you for the time being. Once you finish the magazine and place it back on the coffee table, Rosie runs into the room, the sound of her paws tapping against the wooden floor seems to echo off the walls. She stands by the couch, just looking at you and vigorously wagging her little tail. You stand up and she jumps around excitedly before leading you outside; you decide to take her for a walk in the woods.
  3. You follow little Rosie between the trees and other plants, pushing branches out of your way and making sure you don't trip on anything. She seems to know her way around the woods pretty well, you assume she has been back there plenty of times. You enjoy the scenery, though; the vibrant green on every leaf, the multi-colored butterflies passing by you, it's beautiful and you wonder why you haven't explored it earlier. Every few minutes Rosie stops to look back at you and make sure you're following. Soon you begin to hear rushing water and Rosie runs up ahead.
  4. The sound gets louder as you catch up to her. Once you reach the area, you're astonished with what you see. A huge, roaring waterfall is pouring over the side of a small cliff. It leads down into a pond, and trees surround the area. A dragonfly whizzes past your face and lands on a lily pad toward the edge of the pond. You see frogs and colorful fish in the water, and birds are flying by the trees. It's such a gorgeous sight, a place you never want to leave. Rosie walks to the edge of the water and drinks from it. You walk over and gently pet her.
  5. "______, I've been expecting you." You quickly turn around to see someone walking out of the trees. It's an elderly woman; she has grey hair and a wrinkled face, she's wearing a dark blue dress with a grey shawl over top. "Who are you?" you question. She slowly smiles and states, "My name is Luna. I'm a soothsayer; I can predict the future." She carefully walks toward you and briefly takes hold of your hand. "Yes," she says, "you are definitely the one!"
  6. "I'm the one for what?" you ask, confused, as you pull your hand away. "My dear, your destiny is to fight Elisa in a great battle someday," Luna answers. You feel like a weight has been put on your shoulders, a pressure, but you knew, deep-down, that a battle might occur at some point.
  7. Luna says, "If you ever need anything, just come here to find me," then she walks off into the thick line of trees and vanishes from your sight. Rosie nudges your leg, so you pick her up and pet her while thinking about what just happened. Your phone began ringing in your pocket; your ringtone is your favorite song. You answered with, "Hello?" It was Wesley, "I wanted to let you know that we're going to the new restaurant in town for lunch, you should come meet us there." You realized you were hungry, so you agreed. "Okay, great!" Wesley replied, "It's called La Rose Bleue, meet us there soon." After ending the conversation, you checked the time and realized that it's noon. You've been away from the house for a few hours, much longer than you thought.
  8. You realized you needed to hurry, so, with Rosie in your arms, you teleported back to the house. You went up to your room to change into something nicer, especially since the clothes you were wearing had marks on them from the forest. Rosie jumped onto your bed, curled up, and fell asleep. Once you were ready you rushed off to town, arriving at the new restaurant. There were many people there; it must be the opening night. You found the guys at a table near the back of the restaurant and went to take a seat; perfect timing, you appeared just before they ordered. The guys greeted you and the waitress arrived at your table. You ordered your favorite kind of drink and a meal that seemed delicious. Normal conversation began, but you weren't sure if you should tell the guys about Luna; you decided you would find out more information first. The plates of food arrived, steam rolling off of each. Adam broke the short silence, "You know what's hotter than this plate? ______ is," and he winked at you while having that signature smile on his face. You blushed and rolled your eyes, laughing a little at how cheesy it was.
  9. Conversation raged on as the lunch was consumed. Once it was done with, each of you showed the waitress your cards, which meant it was free. Everyone pitched in a little bit of money as a tip for the waitress. Upon leaving the restaurant, [_____] held the door open for you. You knew you needed to find out more information on Luna, though, so you hugged [_____] and waved goodbye to the other guys. Then, you were on your way to the town library. You walked through the doors of the large building. Mahogany bookshelves were everywhere, along with small, bright-red chairs. The walls were a golden color, and there were chandeliers hanging from the high ceiling. It looked very elegant.
  10. You asked the librarian where you could find books about L'endroit Magique. She pointed you to a certain area, and you began your search. You found a large book about the town citizens; luckily, it was organized by first names. There was only one Luna in there, the description seemed about right... but you found something very strange.
  11. Who do you like?

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