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Bienvenue, I tried to also type in Spanish and German here but Go to Quiz called it gibberish. Welcome to a quiz in English so why did I say English last? This quiz is designed to test your vocabulary and grammar, not your mental arithmetic and those things.

The age questions don't change anything because I think that is agism because anyone can be intellectual. That also why the gender question doesn't change it either. Eberyone deserves equal footing.

Created by: Nobody in particular
  1. Right... the question that happens to be number one! What did I do wrong in the previous sentence?
  2. Hello again, you haven't left have you so why do I say hello? I'm not evn typing it directly to you. Anyway, what type of particle is a photon?
  3. Alright hello! No, I should really stop doing that. So this question just happens to be really simple, although my cookery teacher obviously didn't know this for some reason. Why shouldn't you microwave an egg?
  4. He- no, I will not keep introducing myself but here is the question. So, I can't quite remember the name but this sea slug eats algae. Which cells does it reuse itself?
  5. You've probably got these all easily because otherwise you wouldn't have clicked on this quiz, and I'm only 11 years old and don't go to a private school so anyway, next question. What does,"Hola, mi perro rojo es el mas grande del mundo," mean?
  6. Willkommen! You never even left the quiz so why am I even saying this? And why do I type my thought process and say barely anything in real life?! Alright, what is the largest landmark in Carcasonne?
  7. Hello again! Random question that is not actually random because I thought of it myself and decided to put it in this quiz. Not random at all! So, which rock is known to spontaneously combust?
  8. What is the origin of &?
  9. Hello, here is a reasonably easy question, what is quark-gluon plasma?
  10. Alrighty, final question. What was incorrect in Newton's laws but (as far as we know) correct in the theory of relativity? The options are based on Newton's side.
  11. Sorry for lying but I had to do one more, What would theoretically happen if theoretically you went the speed of light? (P.s Theoretically should theoretically be the new "like." It theoretically makes more sense.)

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