How well do you know grammar?

Grammar is a set of rules that people follow when they speak a language. English's grammar system can be difficult to grasp, even for native speakers of the language, but grasping it can be rewarding, as it might make your prose a lot more readable and coherent.

Do you have a good understanding of English grammar, or do you not understand it very well? This quiz might tell you that, but make sure to not trust it as a definitive answer for the question: its author may have made mistakes while creating it, the quiz does not cover all aspects of English grammar, and grammatical rules are not set in stone.

Created by: Jerry

  1. They emptied ____ bottles of water ___.
  2. I don't like eating apples_they are too sweet.
  3. Birds fly around_My mother bakes apple pies.
  4. He ____ to the store.
  5. You were drunk because you ____ alcohol.
  6. From this, we can _____ that the author really didn't like technology.
  7. From this, we can _____ that the author really didn't like technology.
  8. Frequently using profanity is a sign of an ________ vocabulary.
  9. The warring factions disagreed with eachother ______.
  10. They became friends ______ their differences.
  11. He would have ___ it if he was hungry.
  12. She should _____ there.
  13. Is the following sentence grammatically correct? "You disliked bananas, they were to sweet."
  14. Is the following grammatically correct? "You dislike bananas since they're too sweet."
  15. He ought _____ about the issue at hand.

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Quiz topic: How well do I know grammar?