Which Dream Smp Member Are You?

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this is just for fun and of course not completely true. i was just bored and made this quiz. if you’re unhappy with the results you can do the quiz again or just let it be :D

also if they’re any spelling mistakes or grammar mistakes i’m really sorry, english is not my first language but i hope that you can still read it ! :) have fun !

Created by: Simp S

  1. what’s your favorite color?
  2. what’s your favorite minecraft animal?
  3. europe or america, where would you rather live?
  4. what’s your favorite game?
  5. pick one:
  6. what results do you think you will get? (this will not affect your end results)
  7. are you a simp?
  8. do you like Horror Games?
  9. do you like music/listening to music?
  10. do you have many friends?

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Quiz topic: Which Dream Smp Member am I?