Egyptian Revolution...revolutionize your English vocab

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You might be 100% revolutionist, but can you score 100% on this English quiz about Egypt's revolution? Try this quiz about the revolution to build up your English vocab.The correct answers are explained and some words have the Arabic translation.

This quiz is designed for lower intermediate and above learners of English. الثورة المصرية باللغة الإنجليزية. هذا الاختبار سوف تظهر لك بعض المصطلحات المستخدمة في السياسة

Created by: msmona of Ms. Mona's English Class
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  1. If you die for the sake of your country, you are considered a .....
  2. When factories, institutions, companies and individulas refuse to work, this is called a .....
  3. Honest protestors do not committ crimes. But there are many ..... on the streets committing crimes and using weapons.
  4. In a democratic country, it is the ..... box that determines who wins the election.
  5. In politics, a form of governement may be called a .....
  6. Last week, the president enforced a ..... on three major cities in Egypt and people were not allowed to be out on the streets at night.
  7. There have been many deaths in Egypt and people fighting for the cause. Thousands of people have been ..... as well and sent to hospitals.
  8. When there is no law and order on the streets and people just do what they want then you will find a lot of disorganization and .....which is very dangerous.
  9. Those in power often blame foreign or outside ..... of creating disorganization and trying to overthrow the system.
  10. Don't believe everything you read or hear because there are a lot of ..... spreading around.
  11. Before Dr. Morsi was elected as president the ..... was the Special Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF)of the Egyptian army
  12. Many ..... are led by people, either to Tahrir Square or to the Presidential palace.
  13. Egyptians will no longer accept ..... by their rulers. Egyptians want to be treated fairly.
  14. Whose ..... campaign were you following the most?
  15. Some people say they will vote for someone, but when they are in the ..... they vote for someone else!
  16. All new ministers must take a/an ...... in front of the president, saying to do their best and follow the constitution while in their post.

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Quiz topic: Egyptian Revolution...revolutionize my English vocab