Grade 5 Science Quiz

Hello everyone. Do you think you are a genius in science? Do you think you can get good grades in science? Well, this quizip is going to help a lot, so you yoursele can see your stats

This quiz contains of 10 questions. There are quite a few topics like adaptations, seeds, etc. If you don't know some questions, I hope you learn something new. I say hood luck to all of you, and I hope you get a good percentage!

Created by: Harini Shankar

  1. A pair of scissors has these simple machines-
  2. The neck of the giraffe is a ___________ adaptation
  3. What is a hypothesis?
  4. Which of the following is false about the solar eclipse?
  5. What is the penumbra region of a shadow?
  6. What is a transparent object?
  7. What is the hilum?
  8. What is work? (In scientific terms)
  9. Mention any 3 types of camouflage
  10. Mention a structural adaptation.

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