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  • Daisy made me want to sing. I know, it's a weird habit of me singing when I hear Daisy x3 haha. She seems like a nice girl so far but Tradee seems alright. I mean, you don't just say something about this "Victoria" and then not explain it right?

    Cloud..mysterio us Cloud. I wonder how hot he is for him to be so famous. Oh my, I just realised something. Your story reminds me of Confinement by Dannica!

    Of course, you'll have different characterisation and plots but it just seemed similar to me, in a good way of course. I feel like an extremely stupid dork who's just babbling things.

    I've been looking for stories to read since summer is dawning upon us and as soon as I saw you wrote this story, I was like, "Yeah, I know this story is going to be good."

    I really admire your work :)

  • How do you pronounce his name? By "his name" I mean Tradee.... I feel like I'm saying it wrong, and I wanna make sure that I get it right :P. But great part, and I hope that you can get the next one out as soon as you come back :).

  • Keep up the great work! Can't wait to read part 3! :)

  • Nice! I think it's like Trady but with two e's. Trade- e. Tradee.

    Nameless forever

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