Which When the Sun and Snow Meet Character aesthetic do you

Hello. Keep in mind that this is only part one of 2 parts. Also, if you identify as male, I’d suggest not taking this quiz because all of the results here

Are girls, and it’s the same with part 2. And, BTW, I would love if you would rate, comment, or rate and comment. Anyway, I hope you enjoy my quiz. Bye. P. S. NO HATE COMMENTS!!!!

Created by: LouiseTheo
  1. Choose a color palette combo.
  2. Which bed is your favorite?
  3. Lipstick or lipgloss?
  4. Choose a lip makeup look.
  5. Choose an eye makeup look.
  6. Would you tan on the beach?
  7. Leggings or thong shorts?
  8. What amazing feature would your backyard have?
  9. Choose nail art.
  10. Choose a horse color
  11. Galaxy or pastel?
  12. Hairstyle?

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Quiz topic: Which When the Sun and Snow Meet Character aesthetic do I