500 Years Pt. 1

This is my third story quiz, 500 Years. I decided to write it on here as well but I'm not fully into that idea. But if I get a lot of reads and takes on here, I'll continue it. I'm ThisWriter from Wattpad.com and here ish one of my stories from there!

Okay, so this is my first story that I'm actually proud of. And if I get to publish a book, it'll be this story. This is a romance + science fiction story with my twist, kay? ;D Yes, girls. There are guys, indeed there are. Sevenish guys but only six are going to swell your heart up. :P READ THIS: At the end, there's questions. please take it. Thank you. Oh! And comment? Thanks!

Created by: rvelez
  1. Kry Stephens' tiny footsteps echoes in my head, the sound of leaves cracking and crunching under our feet as we walked a trail in the forest, Dead Blue. "Leaves fall, hitting the ground--the cold ground. They twirl in the wind but they don't know that they're...dead." Kry paused and jumped over a fallen branch. I kept on walking, listening to her words. She was five years old--a brillant storyteller. I was the listener.
  2. "Kry and Flag walked secretly around Dead Blue, Kry feeling a little frighten and blue-" "And why was Kry so frighten?" I asked, interupting her. She blinked, murmering. "Because Kry doesn't want to be here. She wants to go home with mom and dad and drink some hot coco. Maybe watch tv with Flag but Flag doesn't want to go. Because Flag was different." "How different?" "She watches Flag at night when she's sleeping because Flag whispers things in her dream." She replied, still in her storytelling tone. "And what does Flag whisper in her dreams?" I asked. She breathed in and glanced down at her tiny feet. "Things. The End." Kry giggled and I laughed as well. Kry was my little sister, I'm her big sister, and I don't know what I'll do without her. It was a yound June morning and He decided it was time for me to give me a new sister. It was a nice gift and I thanked Him. Finally. Someone I could explore the outside world with and enjoy the beauty of art.
  3. Our parents were delighted, so happy the brought in a beautiful girl into this big world. But not for long. Kry's beautiful blue eyes suddenly faded into a blood red nd it scared them. Not me. I thought it was pretty cool. So then I knew at that very moment she wasn't human. Crazy right? I actually believe in that stuff. I started when I waa seven. With striking blue eyes, pale cold skin and sharp teeth, I scared everybody at school. I got kicked out. And our parents signed as for adoption. So the parents home waiting for us isn't our birh parents...sadly.
  4. Kry yawned once more and I proceeded to walk down the road, eyes locked up ahead. "Almost there.." I whispered. Then a flash of headlights lit from behind me. A car was going to past me. ..... Strangers...
  5. I quicken my pace but I heard the car stop. That made me shiver. Then came the sound of the car door slamming shut and the manly footsteps from behind me. "Almost there..." Quicker. The footsteps followed along as well. "Almost there...." I panicked. "Almost the-"
  6. Boom. There was pain. And darkness.
  7. ~*~ Okay. That's it for this part, guys. :P This is suppose to be short so yeah. Tell me what you think? And before the before the actually story begins, please anwser the questions below of what you think it's going to be about! Thanks!
  8. 1. What do you think is going to happen to Flag and Kry?
  9. Why do you think the forest is called "Dead Blue"?
  10. So far, what do you think of the main character, Flag?
  11. What do you think of Kry?
  12. Thank you, and please comment if I should continue to post it on here or not!

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