~Warrior Cats Love Story~ part 1

I have no idea why, but I decided to pratice my writing and write a love story! I have no idea why, but I decided to pratice my writing and write a love story!

I have no idea why, but I decided to pratice my writing and write a love story! I have no idea why, but I decided to pratice my writing and write a love story!

Created by: Emma LAWL

  1. Girls Only :)
  2. So I was going to write a high school love story, but writing with cats is so much easier :)
  3. Okay we're going to start on the next question.
  4. "Squirrelpaw, Squirrelpaw!" You walk up to Squirrelpaw and touch noses with your new apperentice. Squirrelpaw looks up at you. "Wow! I'm really am an apperentice!" "And soon you'll be a warrior!" you purr.
  5. Squirrelpaw twitched her tail with excitment. "Can we train now?" The gathering started to leave. "No." You tell her. Squirrelpaw's stomach growled. "Can we eat?" She mewed looking up at you with her large blue eyes. "Of' course."
  6. Squirrelpaw padded away to join the other apperentices. Your friend Streamleap raced up to you. "You're so lucky you got an apperentice!" He says. "Don't worry! You'll get one too someday!" Streamleap sighs, and you lick him affectionally on the ear then leave. You pad up to the fresh-kill pile and pick a nice plump vole. "(Your name)!" Someone called. You turn around. "That was the last vole!" he called. You saw Darktail, the deputy race up to you. "Oh, did you want it?" You say backing away from the vole. "Yeah, but..." Darktail said nervously. "But what?" You ask. "Do you want to share it with me?" Darktail replies. "SURE!" You bite into the vole. The juicy taste filled our mouth. Darktail bit into the vole too. You took this moment to look at him. He was a muscular dark brown tabby tom with amber eyes.
  7. You finish the vole and start to groom your fur. Darktail watched you for a bit then said, "(Your name) can you on a border patrol with me, Blackfur, and Maplewind?" "Sure." You say.
  8. Blackfur and Maplewind stood up as you arrived. "You finally found another cat, now can we please go?" Maplewind hissed. Darktail gave her a quick nod. Your patrol left camp. You found yourself in the back with Blackfur. "Hey." he said. You smile, "Hi." "You are really pretty," Blackfur admired thoughtfully. Before you could say thank you he added, "Congrats on your apperentice." Blackfur's pelt gently brushed against yours.
  9. "Freeze!" You suddenly hear Darktail say up in the front. Darktail sniffed the air. "Rogues." A shiver ran down your spine. "So deep in our territory?" Maplewind whispered. Darktail nodded.
  10. Suddenly a rogue jumped out of the bushes. Maplewind leaped to attack him, but before she put a claw on him Darktail bowled her over.
  11. More rogues came out of the bushes. Your eyes widen. "Darktail, what is going on!?""Bone, Stripe, you two help in the camp, the rest help me bring these down."
  12. A ginger tom leaped out of the bushes. You realize he is your clanmate."Here they are!" He yowled. More of your clanmates leap from the bushes and attack the rogues. "Darktail! Are you with these rogues?" The ginger tom hissed. Darktail turned around and looked at the ginger tom...
  13. CLIFFHANGER! You'll find you in part 2 if he is!

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