taken alive - part 1

do you like the idea of a teenage girl who wakes up one day to discover that she no longer exsists? if so, take this INTENSE story quiz! i think you will love this story!

this is my first story, so feedback would be great. please ignore this paragragh from this point on. i ate you. you ate me. please ignore this, as it has 0 things to do with the story.

Created by: S.E.

  1. you wake up, and can feel somethings not right. you dress in yoga pants and a brown t-shirt. you go downstairs, and your mom looks at you funny.
  2. she says, "what are you doing here?" so you eat breakfast and get ready quickly, but when you go outside and say hi to your bff Claire, she says, "do i know you?"
  3. your a tad worried, and at school, you go to kiss your bf, he says, "who do you think you are?" and kisses Claire!
  4. your worried, when the principle says,"you dont go to school here." then you think...
  5. you decide to check your e-mail for clues, but it says your acount doesnt exist!
  6. your so worried, you go home. moms at work and your brothers at school, so you sneak in, to find your room is replaced with a nursery!
  7. then, you see a packege with your name on it. it says, DO NOT OPEN. you climb back out the window, and your fingertips are see through!
  8. you start to freak out, but you pull it together. on your cell, you search your birthrecord. results are negetive. you dont exsist.
  9. "i dont exsist" you say, but then you think clearly."im here, so i must exsist!" but then it happens. you feel like a large peice of you is gone.
  10. you run to the heart of the city. you remember what Claire said once, "when your forgotten they hunt you." could she be right?
  11. then, you hear an alarm. "COME QUIETLY FREYER!" a loud speaker blares, as you run.
  12. then, you hear an alarm. "COME QUIETLY FREYER!" a loud speaker blares, as you run.
  13. then, all of a sudden, your pulled into a hidden tunel. "welcome to the freyers," a boy your age says. "you no longer exsist."

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