Somehow They're Alive

Welcome to the first installment of "Somehow They're Alive". This quiz is a little bit shorter than I like to make them, so I'll try to make the next one longer.

It'll take me a little bit longer to get theses quizzes out than it took with "Somehow I'm Alive". I'm still finishing and attempting to perfect this story.

Created by: Topaz

  1. ***Jaslina's Point of View***Beautiful rays of sunlight are coming through the dusty attic window and reflecting onto the hardwood floor as I'm busily digging through boxes. As I mentioned the last time we met, my name is Jaslina Rowe. A year has passed since I last spoke with you, and a lot happened. I was kidnapped by a crazy family, taken to a secret plantation as a slave, I made friends, and we ran away fearing for our lives. We had to escape more than once, and we almost died more than once. One of my friends betrayed us, and one of our kidnappers befriended us and helped us run. In the end everything turned out alright. My kidnappers, my owner, and my past friend all went to prison. My only kidnapper who didn't go to prison was Ryan; he's turned out to be a wonderful friend. I don't know how, but somehow I'm alive. Luckily it's been an entire year since I was kidnapped, and life is moving slowly and peacefully. I'm still good friends with Tammy and Rayla despite the fact that we're states apart. In fact, they're actually flying in from their separate states and visiting me for a couple of weeks; their flights arrive tomorrow night. Maybe Lily can come over from down the street and we can have a sleepover. I remember when Lily met them and we all told her the story of what happened to us in the Middle East. She was absolutely dumbfounded. Of course, after she got over her shock, she liked Tammy and Rayla instantly. I suppose you're wondering about Ryan, too. Ryan just lives two blocks away from me. Lily's Aunt heard about his situation and said that she'd try taking him in for a month. She actually took a liking to him and decided to take him in permanently. Are we dating? Unfortunately, we aren't. When we first started back to school there were so many rumors going around about Ryan that we decided to put it off until senior year so they wouldn't have any more ammunition to use against him. Lucky for us next year is senior year, and we're looking forward to that first date.
  2. Right now, however, I'm home by myself. Since I've got some spare time I thought that I would go through some boxes and look for stuff for my dad's tribute. I've never told you about what happened to my father have I? When I was a year old my dad was driving somewhere and disappeared. Nobody knows what happened to him. The only clue they ever found of him was his car that was deserted on the side of the road. Other than that, not a single trace was left of him. I climb up onto the stepstool and reach for the last box on the top shelf. Mom wanted me to find her and dad's wedding picture, and I can't find it in any of these boxes. She said that it was in a box on the top shelf. This one is the last box, so it has to be this one. I sit Indian style on the floor and start digging through it. So far there's a picture of the Gavarnie's 1994 family reunion (Gavarnie is my mom's maiden name), a picture of a Christmas tree, some old Christmas decorations, my baby it is! It's about time I find their wedding picture. As I pick it up I discover that there's something stuck to the back of it. I do my best to separate them carefully so they don't rip. Eventually the two photographs come apart unharmed. Before I put the other picture back in the box I look at it. It's a picture of a toddler wearing a sparkly black dress with ruffles. At first I think that it's me because of the dress; I'm wearing that same dress in many of my baby pictures. Then I look at it closer and discover that it isn't me. The little girl in that picture has a head full of dark brown curls that look similar to my mother's. Is this a picture of my mom? I thought that grandma would have all of her baby pictures. Remembering that my mom writes names and dates of birth on the backs of all the photographs, I flip it over. This is defiantly not my mother. The name Josephine Rowe is written in mom's delicate cursive. The date of birth is written directly under the name, and it ends out that Josephine was born only two years before me. So who the heck is she? Figuring that the picture is of no importance I replace all of the boxes. Once I'm done with that I walk downstairs and set the wedding picture on the table. I write a note to mom telling her where I'll be, and then I walk down the street to Lily's.
  3. ***Ryan's Point of View*** "Wow, I thought that our shift would never get over!" says Jay. I smile. "Yeah, but at least now we have the rest of the day to do fun stuff." My friend Jay and I just walked out of the coffee shop that we work at, and are now walking to our cars. Today has been a long, hard, day working at the coffee shop, but it's worth the money. Unlike the rich kids in this neighborhood, I have to earn money for collage the old fashioned way; by working hard. Now that my shift is over I get to go home and change out of this stupid employee uniform. "Ryan, weren't you listening?" Apparently Jay just said something that I didn't hear. "Sorry," I say. "My mind was elsewhere." "I said, do you want to go back to my house and play my wii?" "Yeah sure. It sounds fun." Jay claps wildly. Other people in the parking lot are starting to stare. "Why are you claping?" "No reason. I'm just proud that you've decided to spend time with someone other than Jaslina." I laugh. "Jay, I don't spend all of my time with Jaslina." "I know. Only most of it. Yet again, how can I blame you? You're a man in love." "I should say the same about you after the way I saw you look at Rayla the last time she was here." "Alright, fair enough." We get in our seperate cars and leave. He's right. I am a man in love. Jaslina is the best thing that's ever happened to me, and I wouldn't trade her for anything.
  4. ***Jaslina's Point of View***Mom wanted me to start dinner, so I thought that I'd better go home. I don't like to disappoint her. I step in through the back door. To my surprise, she's sitting there looking through all of the things that I got out earlier. She must not have had a whole lot of work at the office today. "Hi, mom. I didn't expect to see you home so early." "Hi, Jaslina. I decided to bring some paperwork home and finish it. I couldn't stand spending one more minute inside that cubical!" "Do you still want me to start dinner?" "Sure. With Tammy and Rayla coming it'll probably one of your last healthy meals for a couple of weeks." We laugh. "Don't worry, mom. I'll remember to eat my vegetables." Mom and I are both silent as I work boiling spaghetti noodles, and as she works going through items. For some reason my mind goes to that picture I found earlier. It's been inside of my mind all day today. At first I thought that Josephine could be a cousin, but then I got to thinking about it. My dad has only one brother who never got married or had children. I guess cousin is out. So who is she? Since the kitchen is filled with silence and there's nothing else to talk about I decide to ask mom. "Hey, mom, when I found your wedding picture I found some other things in that box, too." Mom smiles up at me. "Oh really? What did you find?" "You know, just a lot of pictures of people. I knew who all of them were except for a person in one picture." "Oh, there are probably a lot of people on my side who you don't know. It was probably an aunt or an uncle." After a slight pause I continue. "See, I'm not sure about that. It was a picture of a little girl." Mom looks like she's about to choke. "A little girl?"
  5. "Yes. She was a toddler with curly brown hair, and she was wearing the same dress I always wore in my baby pictures." "What dress are you talking about?" It seems like mom's stalling for some reason. "The sparkly black dress with the ruffles. You don't remember it?" "Yes, I remember it. Are you sure it wasn't you?" "Mom, it couldn't have been me. She had brown hair. Plus you wrote Josephine Rowe on the back of it, and she's two years older than me." Holding back tears she says, "Did you say Josephine?" I feel very confused at the moment, but I still answer her. "Yes," I say. "Excuse me for a minute, honey." Mom flees the kitchen with tears running down her cheeks. I have no idea what I just did, but I did something. That's for sure.
  6. ***Ryan's Point of View~ Two Days Later*** Tick. Tick. Tick. All I can focus on is the sound of the clock as I'm waiting for my shift to end. Unfortunatley I still have fourty-five minutes left to go. I'd ask Auntie to let me leave early, but I can't do that and still be a good worker. Forcing my eyes away from the clock, I continue mopping up table three's coffee spill. As I'm mopping, Auntie walks up to me. She's both my boss and my legal guardian. Although, I love working for her and living with her. I never knew that a parent or guradian could be nice. "Ryan," she says, "is everything alright? You seem distracted." "Sorry, Auntie. It's just that..." I trail off. "Oh. It's that time of week again isn't it."
  7. "You've guessed it. Don't worry. I'll finish my shift before heading off." Auntie chuckles. "Ryan, what you're doing is much more important than your coffee shop job. As soon as you're done mopping you're free to go." "No, you don't have to. This will be the third week in a row that you've let me off early." "I know, and it'll be worth the results.In fact, why don't you just leave an hour early every Tuesday?" "Are you serious?" "Sure am. Now finish mopping and leave. She might not be thankful right now, but I know that your visits will make all the difference." She smiles and walks away. As she's walking away Jay jogs by carrying a tray of coffee mugs. He sits them down and says, "Here are your drinks. Enjoy." He turns on his heel and goes back behind the counter. While he passes me he says, "Ryan, Sapphire will never come to Christ. You're wasting your time visiting her." However, I don't let his words stop me. The minute I'm done mopping I go out to my car and drive down to the prison. Even if she doesn't come to Christ at least I'll know that I tried to help her.
  8. ***Jaslina's Point of View***Since I just got my own car I went to pick Tammy and Rayla up by myself yesterday afternoon. It's around 4:30 now and mom just got home. Even though she's here she isn't communicating. She's just been keeping herself locked inside of her room; for hours she hasn't left. Eventually Tammy and Rayla notice. "Jaslina is your mom alright?" asks Rayla. "She's been acting depressed. Did her boyfriend dump her or something?" "No," I say. "My mom hasn't even been in a relationship since my father. I'm not sure what wrong with her." "You don't even have a guess as to what's wrong with her?" At first I'm not sure about mentioning the incident with the photograph, but I end up telling them everything. "Wow, that is strange," says Tammy. "Don't worry, Jaslina. Whatever it is I'm sure that she'll get over it," says Rayla. "In the mean time, I know what will make you feel better."
  9. "What?" I ask. "Let's drop by Ryan's. I'm sure that he'd be as happy to see you as you would be to see him." Just the sound of Ryan's name makes me feel better. Now that I think about it, it's been a couple of days since I've talked to him. Maybe we should stop by his house. If we get lucky maybe his friend Jay will be there so he won't have to hang out with only girls. Also, Jay is very funny and optimistic. I don't think that anyone could be in a bad mood around him; especially Rayla. "Alright," I say. "Let's drop in on Ryan." "We'd better hurry," says Tammy. "We wouldn't want to miss Jay in case he's there. Rayla would be depressed if that happened." "Quiet, you!" Rayla says to Tammy with red cheeks. Right as we're walking out the door my mom comes running down the stairs.
  10. "Jaslina, wait! I need to have a talk with you." What she says both scares me and confuses me. "Why? What did I do?" "I'll explain on the way to the attic. Just come on." "Why the attic?" I ask. "There are some things that I need to show you in the attic. Things that I should've shown you a long time ago." To Tammy and Rayla she says, "You girls can stay down here if you want. Or you can go on ahead to Ryan's. I guess it doesn't matter." "We'll wait for Jaslina down here," says Tammy. "Yeah, we're patient," Rayla adds. I give them a thank-you glance and then walk up the stairs after mom.

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