Harry PotterLove Story Part 6inspired by Natuleegayle.

Sorry it took so long guys, I had a long summer. Please excuse the very few misspelled words please. Thank you. Watch out for part 2 you guys!

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Created by: sam singer17
  1. ( ^ please read paragraph 2) Hey! I'm sending shout out to Toralei for leaving such a marvoulous comment on my last quiz. I haven't posted a Draco love story in a while but I'm working on it. So just wait a little longer. Plus a while ago I had two Character contest and in this part they will make their first appearance! Plus you have to pretend you sound French and you still have the bandages on your head. Enjoysss!
  2. I was talking with Fleur Delacour and few new friends, then all of a sudden, Madam Maxine got everyone's attention. "Cette année, nous allons visiter l'í‰cole Poudlard de la Magie pour un événement spécial. Mais seulement 16 ans ou plus peuvent participer í  cet événement. Hélas, il y aura une exception pour _____ _____. Car elle avait assisté í  Poudlard l'année dernií¨re de sorte qu'il peut íªtre le guide pour nous. Merci. " she said. (This year we will visit the Hogwarts School of Magic for a special event. But only 16 years or older can participate in this event. Alas, there will be an exception for _____ _____. For she had attended Hogwarts last year so it may be the guide for us. Thank you.) You slapped your fore head and sighed. After supper you went up to your dorm to pack for the trip. "Harry! Draco! I have some good news!" you yelled in your head. "What?" they both said at the same time. "I'm going to Hogwarts again. You'll see why. Harry don't tell Ron. Tell him to press the middle of the rose I left him 3 times. Draco I'm going to have to put up my mental wall for now. Harry don't let Ron know you can talk to me, please. Just tell him you had a dream or something. I also have to tell you something." Harry said, "I'll do my best to convince him and you can tell me anything." You sighed and said, " I had a dream that I was that I was there the night we BOTH got our scars. Here I'll show you." You closed your eyes and sent him the dream through the ring. "_____, so our parents were friends and we knew each other?" he asked. "Yup. Got to go Harry got to get ready for the trip, bye."You quickly packed up your bags for what you needed. (Toothbrush, hair brush, clothes, broom, small gifts for your friends and stuff for learning.) Later you got into the carriages and you were on your way to Hogwarts yet again.
  3. Ron's P.O.V: Dumbledore began his usual speech, then Harry asked me if I had the rose and I nodded. He told me to press the middle three times and I did. A note popped out. It read: Dear Ron, I have left you this rose as a gift. But, there is something about the rose that is important. When I am near the rose shall turn black. Even though we are broken up, Je t'aime as a friend. Love, _____.{End} Just then the rose turned black, I turned around to see _____ in a light blue uniform with a bunch of other girls.
  4. Your P.O.V: Along with my friends, we burst into the Great Hall and did our usual walk and sigh routine. I stopped in front of Cedric and winked. We ran across the front and stood in a line. "And now our friends from the North, please bring the proud Sons of Durmstrang and their head Master Igor Karkaroff!" Dumbledore said. You perked up as you heard him say that. They did all sorts of cool things. Viktor came in last and you heard Ron say, "Blimey, it's him, Viktor Krum." Later you all went to the Hufflepuff Common (Yes I know they go to raven claw. My made up story, my made up things) room and Viktor and his buddies went to the Slytherin common room. Somebody their hands over your eyes and said, "Guess who." You smiled and said, "Cedric Diggroy, you should know by now that I know everyone of my friend's voices." You took his hands off your face and turned around. You both laughed and said, "I really missed you." at the same time. Which made you laugh more. "Stop saying what I'm saying!" you said in a unison. You were quiet for a while then you both whispered, "I love you!" at the same time. Finally you thought you would get him but, at the same time you screamed, "A big Hippogriff wore a tiny pink tu tu!" All eyes were on you two and you said sorry again at the same time and looked at each other then giggled a bit. You both smiled and you took his hand. You ran to the black lake making sure he was still behind you. You sat down against the tree. Second later Cedric sat down with you. You looked at him and said, "Do you really love me? Like, really?" Cedric nodded and said, "Yes, I really do." You smiled and said, "What about Cho? I bet if I like someone she'll like them too. I'm sure of it." You looked at the star, star and sighed. "Haven't you heard that Cho isn't going to school anymore?" he said. You filled with delight and said, "Cedric it's getting kind of late we better get back to the common room." He got up before you and said, "Before we do, _____ will you be my girlfriend, please? You are the only girl that understands me." You got up and kissed him. "Does that answer your question?" you asked him sweetly. He nodded and you kissed him again and you walked to the common room, hand in hand.
  5. You went to sleep and had the same dream once again. You woke up in the middle of the night, but you weren't in your room. You were somewhere near the whomping willow. Your clothes were torn up and the scar was burning. You gasped and transformed. You quickly ran to the castle as fast as you could. By the time you got back everyone was awake and wondering why you were messy looking. Fleur went up to you and said, "_____, Ce qui s'est passé? Etes-vous d'accord? Qui a fait cela?" (_____, What happened? Are you okay? Who did this?) "Je suis Fine Fleur, j'ai juste besoin un peu de repos."(I'm fine Fleur I just need some rest) you said. But you did not rest at all you took a shower and changed into uniform, then went to the great hall. You sat next to Cedric and the twins came in with aging potions. "It's not going to work you two, Dumbledore created that age line himself. Dumbledore is wise enough to prank proof it." Hermione said. They didn't listen and said, "Bottoms up." then drank the potions. They jumped over the age line and laughed. They put their names into the cup and chuckled. The cup spit out their pieces of paper then shot them back. (Sorry I'm kinda stingy on the details, got a lot of water in my brain from swimming :P) They had grown old man beards, so they ran out. Suddenly Cedric's friends kept pushing him to put his name in the cup. You tried to talk him out of it but it was too late. He had already put his name in the cup. You slapped your fore head and sighed. When he sat back down you said, "If you get chosen, promise me one thing." he nodded and you continued, "Promise me that you will try your hardest to be safe and no matter what happens I will always love you." He looked at you with his big amber eyes and said, "I promise you that no matter what happens I will try my best to come back to you, safely and in one piece." You smiled and gave him a big hug. Cedric smiled and kissed you. "Now, you have to promise me the same thing." he said. You smiled and nodded. You held his hand and you both stared into each others eyes and butterfly kissed. You could tell that Ron and Harry were watching because Ron stormed out and Harry followed. You sighed and Cedric asked, " _____, what's wrong?" Sounding the littlest bit sad you said, "During the beginning of the summer, well Ron and I dated, but when he found out that I was going to Beauxbatons, he broke up with me. Nothing too serious. It's just that he seems, very distant now. Anyway, I have to go see if I could exchange these bandages. See you later love." you kissed him and made your way to the hospital wing.
  6. On the way, you realized that you had forgotten the way. You asked the couple passing by if they knew the way. "Um yeah. We'll show you. By the way, my name is Cecilia Evans(Natuleegayle my hero's character) and this is my boyfriend Micheal Charleston." (Welome to the sam singer family DarkestKiss'!) You smile and say, "Bonjour, my name is _____ _____, you two are Hufflepuff right? I've seen you before. Last year I think." They nodded and Michel said, "Yes, I know you, Cedric used to talk about you a bunch." You blushed and walked with them to the hospital wing. Before they left you said, "Thank you, I will see you around. I bid you good luck." They nodded and walked away. "Hello Ms_____! It's been ages. I think it's about time to take off these bandages." Ms. Pomfrey said. You nodded and sat down. She carefully took off the bandages. You thanked her and went to the black lake. You stood next to the water staring at the sun set."Draco where are you? I haven't seen you anywhere?!" You asked inside your head. "Right behind you." somebody said. You turned around and smiled. "Draco! Oh mon dieu! You don't know how much I've missed you!" you said as you ran up to him and gave him a hug. He laughed and said, "Last I heard about you was today when I found out you were dating Diggroy." You rolled your eyes and said, "Um yeah, I've been meaning to tell you about that. Oh and haven't you noticed that I got my bandages off?" You laugh uneasily. Draco smiled and nodded. He rubbed your forehead and said, "It left a bit of a scar though." You sighed and said, "Well it was nice seeing you, I should go now." before he could say anything you ran with your eyes closed and not knowing where you were going. Unknowingly you ran into the Gryffindor common room when somebody opened the door. Somebody grabbed you and kissed you. You opened your eyes and pulled away. You slapped his face hard and you yelled, "Seamus! What the f***! You retard! What the bloody hell?! Didn't you hear from any one that I'm dating Cedric?! Seriously! You can't go just randomly kissing a girl!" You stormed out of the room and went to the Hufflepuff common room.
  7. You sat down on the sofa and realized you were sitting next to Cedric You let out a big sigh and closed your eyes. Suddenly you felt someone's lips on yours. You giggled and opened your eyes. You pulled away and said, "Cedric, what was that for?" he smiled and said, "I know your had a rough day. Plus I'm happy you got your bandages off." You laughed and kissed him. Just then 3 first years came in. You quickly pulled away and pretended to read. When they were gone you laughed and you rested your head on his shoulder. Just then a thought occurred in your head. "Hey Cedric, do you think they will let me put my name in the cup? Madame Maxine did say that I was an exception." you said. He looked at you and said, "I know what you are thinking and I'm not going to let you enter. What if you get picked and get killed? I don't want to lose the person that I love get hurt." You smiled and kissed him. "You are so sweet and because of that I guarantee you that I will not enter." you said while looking into his eyes. You looked at the time and said, "We should probably get to bed now." he nodded and you gave him one last kiss before heading to your room to rest. That night you had a different dream.
  8. {Dream} You were in your dream room with Cedric. (Just imagine your own if you don't like mine) The walls had a dark forest painted on them. The bed had black comforters and red pillows. The carpet was a light grey. The curtains were blood red and made out of silk. A black chandelier hanging on the roof. And in the corner a mirror and make up"Cedric, I love you for making my dream room a reality. You are truly the man of my dreams." you said. He smiled and said, " Not exactly." Then he turned into Voldemort. You gasped and the room started to crumble. You were in the middle of cemetery of some sort. You were on the ground with your stomach bleeding. Voldemort and Harry having a showdown. The real Cedric firing at Wormtail. He rushed to your side and said, "Hold on _____, I know you'll make it. I just know you will. Remember we promised that no matter what happens we would try our best to come back to each other, safely and in one piece?" you put your finger over his mouth and say, "Cedric, I'll be fine. This is me your talking to. I made a promise and I intend to keep it. Although we are no longer together, I will be back soon." you smile and close your eyes. {End}
  9. You then wake up breathing heavily. You put your hand on your forehead and sigh. You soon realize that it was time to get up. You slump out of bed and put on your outfit. You go out the door and down the stairs. Still feeling a bit sleepy you trip on the last step and somebody catches you. "Careful piece of trash, you don't want to fall and hurt yourself do you?" said a snooty girl you've never seen before. She dropped you and you fell on your face. She walked away, followed by two other girls. "Man she belongs in Slytherin." you said quietly. "That's Elizabeth Parker (welcome Dark22978 to the sam singer family!), Jade Alcames Nation her right hand girl. I'm Luna Lu Moon, her left hand girl and the smart one in the group. I'm not really mean, but Liz let me in her group because she used to be nice." said the girl who went back to hep you up. You smiled and said, "Thanks, but why is she so mean and brutal?" She sighed and said, "Well I remember you were here last year and you know how so many guys like you?" you nodded and she continued, "well she actually liked all of them. But the one she likes most is, none other than, Cedric Diggroy. Your present boyfriend." You picked up your books and said, in a frustrated tone, "While I was gone; she didn't happen to try anything did she? Please tell me she didn't." She looked down and said, "Well she tried to get Cedric's attention by flirting, trying out for the quidditch team, she always "accidentally" dropped her books in front of him, and she always ends up sitting next to him. She even asked him out a bunch of times. But, he turned her down every time." You growled and said, "Thanks Luna. I'll see you around I guess. By the way can I call you Lu?" She nodded and you shook hands. She ran to catch up with her gang.
  10. You sighed and walked to Herbology. You spotted Neville and did a bee line to stand next to him. "Neville, my very best friend in the whole entire world. Hé Nev ! Comment íªtes-vous, n'avez pas vu vous autour." you said excitedly." He looked at you in confusion. You blushed and said, "Sorry, I meant, Hey Nev. How are you, I haven't seen you." He smiled and gave you a hug. "_____, you haven't changed one little bit." he said shyly. Later during class you realized you were sitting next to Seamus. You tried to ignore him an listen to the teacher. He nudged your shoulder about ten times to get your attention. On the eleventh you couldn't take it, so you turned your head and glared at him. You saw that he still had a red mark on his face from when you slapped him. You looked at him apologetically and turned back to the teacher. After class you said to him, "Seamus I'm so, so sorry. I didn't mean to slap you. It's just that-" He put his finger over your mouth and said, "It's fine. I know you didn't mean it. You're a good person and Cedric is one lucky guy to have you." You blushed and sighed. You took his finger off your mouth and walked away. (Too lazy to write about the second :P) Later, after classes you bumped into Harry and you both blushed. " Hey Harry, how are you, I haven't heard from you through the ring lately." you said shyly. "Sorry it's just that I've been really busy lately. If you want meet at the black lake later." he said in reply. You smiled and nodded. "I would love to but, I have to meet up with Cedric." He started to get mad and said, "Cedric, Cedric, Cedric. It's all about Cedric from you. You've changed a lot during a very short period of time." Your eyes teared up and he said, "_____, I didn't-" you didn't let him finish, instead you ran to the one place you could be left alone, your common room. You bumped into Cedric and he saw that you were upset. "_____, are you okay. What's wrong?" he asked worriedly. You lied and said, "It's nothing serious I just tripped and fell. Just a small bruise." He kissed your forehead and nodded. You walked away and when you were out of sight you bumped into Ron. It seemed like he knew you were coming because he turned around and caught you. "_____, are you alright? Was it Cedric?" he asked sounding serene. His eyes glittered like the full moon in the winter. You shook your head and returned to reality. "I'm just fine Ronald. Nothing too serious. And Cedric and I are fine. Plus I thought you were mad at me." you said calmly. He blushed and said, "Well I, um." You smiled and wiped a tear away. When you were almost to the common room you bumped into the person you least expected. "Hey what's wrong. Are you okay? If a boy did this to you I will gladly beat them up for you." said your older brother. " You smiled and wiped all the tears away and stopped crying. "Vik, you always had a way of making me feel better. It's a guy, but there's no need to beat him up. Don't worry it's not my boyfriend, he's a true gentleman. I'm fine now. Thank you." you said in a very relaxed tone. You walked away in a calm matter. By the time you got to your common room you were alone because everyone was in the great hall eating. You took a quick shower and changed. You rested your head on your pillow and your eyes felt heavy then you drifted to sleep. Then the strange dreams continued.
  11. When you woke up you were wearing a black dress, your hair was curled, a black arm band with grey stripes on your left arm, the scar you had gotten around Christmas showing on your visible arm, and you were bruised all over. (remember the dream from part four? This is what you wore,but you weren't bruised) and once again your scar on your neck was burning. You were in the middle of an empty great hall, just then Dumbledore and the other headmasters came in with Viktor. "Ms._____, Mr. Karkaroff has brought to my attention that you were here hurt and unconscious. Mr. Krum please bring her to the hospital wing. He picked you up and carried you to the hospital wing. "Man do I end up here a lot," you said to him right before you fell asleep again.
  12. When you woke up your clothes were normal and your bruises were gone. You sat up and remembered the dream you had before you stayed at the Weasly house. "It's coming true. It's all becoming true. I guess I'll be in the hospital wing for a while in the future." You got up and skipped to the great hall and sat with Cedric. "Draco, Harry! Wait I'm mad at you Harry, don't listen to me. Draco! You must have seen what happened last year in my dream right?" you said through the jewelery. "How could I not; it had you kissing Weasly. Plus you standing as a loyal companion of the Dark lord." he replied. "Hold on a second Malfoy, _____ as a loyal companion of the person that wanted to kill us both?" Harry said budding in. You looked at Harry behind you and glared. "Harry, I said not to listen to me! Seriously, why would you say that all I talk about is Cedric!" you said. Just then Cedric said, " Don't you think _____?" "Hmm? Oh sorry what did you say I was thinking about something." you said finally realizing that Cedric was talking to you and his friends. "We think that your brother will be a worthy competitor for Cedric if they were chosen, don't you agree?" Micheal said. "Yeah, Vik has always been the kind of competitive guy and Cedric, he's strong, fast, and what was I talking about?" you said getting lost after a bit. Cecilia laughed and said, "_____, you were talking about Cedric and Viktor. When you started talking about Cedric your voice got softer like when I talk about Micheal." You blushed and said, "Oh gosh désolé je genre de échelonnées en raison de cela. Wow J'ai besoin d'aller quelque part maintenant. Bye." (Oh gosh sorry i kind of spaced out due to this. Wow I need to go somewhere now. Bye.) You quickly got up and grabbed Harry by his ear and dragged him away. Confused Micheal asked, "Did anyone understand that?" Both Cedric and Cecilia said no. When you were out of the great hall you realized he grabbed Ron on the way out. You slapped your forehead and sighed. You looked at Harry and Ron, "How would you feel if, um I put my name in the cup?" you said. Harry looked at you and said,"Are you crazy?" You rubbed your scar."You could get seriously hurt. I wouldn't be happy if you were chosen," Ron said sounding serious." You put the hair in your face behind your ear. "Okay then that means, keep me locked up somewhere I can't get out until the games are over," you said sleepily." You sighed and skipped away. (Yeah... Um I love skipping, skipping is my safe way to run at school. I cap skip pretty fast. :P) The day went by quickly and all you did all day was write the same letters in our note book. "HNRCDSG&F" You didn't quite know what they stood for. You just had the feeling you were supposed to write them. At the end of the day you sat in a chair and stared at the wall. Soon you fell asleep.

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