Harry Potter story quiz part 2

Right then. This is the not so long awaited part 2. I really hope that you enjoy this, and don't kill me if you don't like your results. WARNING! the results aren't Harry Potter boys, they're houses.

So, background info: You are now 13 (ish), in Gryffindor (sorry if you didn't like the choice!), and have just returned from your holidays in the south of France. You are neighbours with Oliver Wood, which will be mentioned in one of the answers below. Anyhow, sorry that it took so long for me to write this.

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  1. Days pass quickly at Hogwarts. You fit in well, and make friends easily. Classes are easy enough, and you get good marks in everything.
  2. Hermione is a great help with studies, and the two of you quickly become firm friends. Harry and Ron are always fun to be around, and the Twins use you as their guinea pig and eventually, their idea giver. The only person that you haven't kept in touch with is Draco Malfoy.
  3. You're now in your 3rd year, and you're currently staring out of your common room window. You aren't at the feast because you missed the train to Hogwarts, and had to get Professor McGonagall to apparate over to pick you up.
  4. Anyway, you're staring out of the common room window, and wondering if anyone's going to notice you. You've changed a lot over the holidays. You've grown, your hair has grown, and you are tanned from your month in the South of France.
  5. Suddenly, you hear someone say the password- "Fortuna Major". Probably Percy, you think. Sure enough, the door swings open to reveal Percy leading the 1st years. He looks around the common room, and his eyes settle on you. "Who are you? How dd you get in? Why weren't you at the feast?" He says looking scared. "Percy? Hello? It's me?" you say, puzzled. "What's going on Percy?" "Yeah, let us through, Percy!" You hear two familiar voices say.
  6. Two gawky-looking redheads look around from behind Percy. Before they even take a step past Percy, you've pulled both of them into a bear hug. Both boys look slightly shocked at this open display of affection. "Blimey, George- I knew we were good-looking, but not THAT good-looking!" "I still think that I'm the better looking one though, Ugly."
  7. "What on earth is going on? People do need to get through here, you know." A head framed by the bushiest hair you've ever seen pushes past Percy. "Hermione?" "_______?" she asks, "Is it really you?" "With such a large brain I thought that you might have guessed a little bit earlier." you say, smiling wryly. "_________!" You just manage to let go of Fred and George before you are enveloped by Hermione and her robes. "________?" Fred says. "Blimey, she HAS changed!" adds in George, "I thought that she was just another attractive girl who had fallen under the spell of our masculine charms." By this time, most of the students have started shuffling away from Fred and Geroge, creating a circle around the four of you. Percy, noticing this, straightens his robes and starts directing the first years to their dorms. "Right, girls on that side, boys on the other. Lights out at nine. Chop chop! Remember that classes start at nine tomorrow!" As the crowd of first years disperses, and Hemione goes to unpack her things, you can see two familiar figures.
  8. "Ron? Harry?" you ask. "What happened?"
  9. "Yeah, we're fine. Thanks for asking. Just that git Malfoy being his idiotic self" "Don't let him get to you. Eventually he'll get tired of insulting you." Harry snorts loudly and says sarcastically,"Yeah, because he's cetaintainly got tired of insulting me these past two years." "Enough of Malfoy, we all know he's a git. Have you seen Hogwarts' new defence system?" says Ron. "Defence system? Isn't it already magically impregnable?" you ask. "Hello? Sirius Black is on the loose, remember?" "I know that. He's everywhere- even on the muggle news!" "Ah, but did you know that he's-" "Yes, I do happen to know that he's after Harry. I went to the south of France, not under a bloody rock!" you shout. Some seventh years make wolf whistles at you. You blush and open your mouth to continue. "Honestly Ron-" "Listen, you two, you're not helping."
  10. "Yeah, sorry Harry." "Sorry, mate." You both say. "Hogwarts' guardians are dementors." says Ron. "Demente-whatsits?" "De. Men. Tors." Ron enuciates, "They guard Azkaban." "So they're here to protect Harry." "Well, they're supposed to, but I think that it's a little bit over the top, don't you?" Hermione has finished packing her things and come downstairs. "Blimey, Hermione! You scared me!" Ron shouts, not realising that the seventh years are giving him some very odd looks. "Sorry," she says sheepishly, " But you do see what I mean, don't you? Of course Harry may be the Boy Who Lived, but I really think that Hogwarts is protected enough. Not that you aren't worth it, Harry. But still, even if Black does manage to get into Hogwarts, it's not as if he's going to try and kill any of the other students." "But if Dumbledore chose to-" you try to add in. "What I'm trying to say is that, don't you think that there might be another reason for all of this overreacting?" "What's all this about killing and Dumbledore?"says a scottish voice behind you. "Oliver?" You, Ron and Harry all say at once. After a quick period of the three of you shouting "JINX!" at the top of your lungs (explaining the context of jinxing someone without magic to Ron had taken a lot of effort on both yours, Harry's and Hermione's part. You weren't looking forward to explaining it to the twins) , Oliver looking amused and Hemione facpalming, you realised that most of the first years had come back downstairs and were joining the seventh years in giving you odd looks. On impulse, you strike a pose and say "Take a picture, it'll last longer." Harry, Ron and Hemione stare at you, but Oliver is unphased and starts laughing uncontrollably. Soon all five of you are laughing insanely, at least, you are until Percy comes down to see what all the fuss is about.
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