Whats YOUR Harry Potter life? part 2

If you were at hogwarts,what would your story be? What's your name? Your friends? Your boyfriend? This is basically what's YOUR Harry Potter life? With new questions and new results.

You know this is more my apology and announcement box. Sorry about any misspelled words. Mars is Mara and forget the p at the end of Jeffrey. And Amanda's back! I told you is bring her back with a little more info and here she is! And also I meant to write this in first person. Sorry!

Created by: Katniss110

  1. Dream boy?
  2. Fav name?
  3. Personality? I don't judge
  4. *hides behind Hagrid* fav color?
  5. Fav book series?
  6. Fav place?
  7. Least fav place?
  8. Fav activity?
  9. Fav celeb?
  10. Theme song?

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Quiz topic: Whats my Harry Potter life? part 2