What Harry Potter character are you?

We all know the story of Harry Potter and his pals. Harry, Hermione and Ron go on a dangerous quest to gather Horcruxes to kill the evil Lord Voldemort who murdered Harry's parents and save the Wizard and Muggle world.

So out out the magical trio who are you? Harry: Brave, Powerful but with a quick temper, Ron: Loyal, Friendly but seems to always take things the wrong way or Hermione: Quick, Smart but a weakness for trusting people to easily. Find out by completing this quiz it will only take a few minutes and it's worth it, honest!

Created by: Lucy
  1. What is your strongest moral principle?
  2. When you first see Hogwarts, your first thoughts are . . .
  3. A massive snake is slithering through the pipes at Hogwarts! What do you do?
  4. You read in the Daily Prophet that a dangerous prisoner has escaped from Azkaban, how do you act?
  5. The Yule ball has come to Hogwarts. Who do you dream to go with?
  6. The Ministry of Magic is interferring with Hogwarts. You have to do something but what?
  7. You just see Professor Dumbledore fall from the Astronomy tower. Help, what do we do?
  8. Time to collect Horcruxes, what's your plan of action?
  9. Hogwarts is under attack, how do you react?
  10. Finally, what career would you prefer?

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Quiz topic: What Harry Potter character am I?