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Hope you enjoy this one! It's kind of short though. I think the music fits it!

Created by: sam singer17

  1. Hey'o! How's your summer so far? In this part Oliver will be in one scene but he's not a result. Seamus won't be here until part 6. So yeah, this part is kinda short. It's only because I got a swimming pool and I swim in it for 3 hours+! Love you!
  2. Songs for this part: 4-9 /watch?feature=endscreen&NR=1&v=GnkzT4qbez0 10-end /watch?v=VQXfexNVPSs
  3. Everyday this summer I woke up bright and early, before anyone else. Ron and I were together without any problems; he even tells you he loves you in French. Harry will be joining us for the Quidditch Cup games. I still never told anyone about Beauxbatons. Unfortunately the Weaslys found out you ere a werewolf. Draco and I have been talking on a regular basis. I've written letters to my friends from Hogwarts once every week. Everything had been going great. Until I began to have a recurring dream of Wormtail, Voldemort and another strange guy. I had the same dream every night. Other than that everything had been fine.
  4. When you opened your eyes you smelled food. You slapped your forehead and said to yourself, "Wake. Up. Early!" Just then Ron entered the room. He had grown a lot since the beginning of summer break. You smiled and he sat next to you. "Morning love." You said as you got up and put your arms around him. He kissed you and said, "Morning. Je t'aime." You both got up and walked downstairs. When you sat down at the table Molly (Mrs. Weasly) handed you a few letters and said, "These came for you dear." You smiled and said thanks. You first opened the one from Viktor.
  5. Dear _____, your dreams must mean something if they keep recurring. You are going to see me at the Quidditch cup. I can't wait to see how much my little sister has grown. Some time soon you will have to tell your friends you are going to Beauxbatons. If they find out by themselves, you might be in an awkward position. It will hurt them more if they find out by themselves. I look forward to seeing you. Love, Viktor.
  6. You looked at Ron and put the letter back inside. Next you read Neville's letter.
  7. Dear _____, I know I won't be seeing you this year, so please don't forget your me. Have you told Ron about Beauxbatons yet? I hope you have. You know how angry he can get. This letter is quite short but it doesn't matter. I hope to see you in the future. Love, Neville.
  8. You smiled and sighed thinking about all your friends that you'll miss. The last letter was unfamiliar. You opened it and George grabbed it from your hands. You growled and transformed into a wolf and tackled him. You lay on his chest growling then transformed back into a human. You tried to grab the letter but Fred took it and read it out loud. "Dear Ms. _____, We are proud to have a new student at the. School. Beauxbatons." he said getting softer as he continued to read further. All of a sudden all eyes were on you. "_____, I thought you weren't going to Beauxbatons." said Fred who was still under you. You got up and sighed. "It's about time that I tell you all that I actually will be attending Beauxbatons. I didn't tell you because I didn't want anyone to get hurt. Especially Ron. I can't tell you why I am though I'm sorry for that. Trust me, it's harder for me than it is or you all. I understand if you want me to leave and if Ron wants us to see other people. I just want you all to know that you are all the nicest people I've met before and the second closest thing I have to a family." you said gloomily. Ginny walked up to you and said, "Don't worry _____, we don't want you gone. I think we should all treasure the last few weeks with our friend." You smiled and gave her a hug. Ron went up to you and said, " I do love you, but I think that we really should see different people." Your heart tore into millions of pieces. You forced a smiled and nodded. You hadn't felt this heart broken since Oliver.
  9. Few weeks had gone by and Harry joined us for the games. When you told him about Beauxbatons he kept calm. He had told you about his dreams and realized you two had dreamed the same things. The day of the Quidditch cup you met with Cedric. You smiled and gave him a big hug. You told him about your summer and about Beauxbatons, at first he was pretty bummed, but he was happy that he would get to spend his last days of summer with him. When you got to the camp site Mr. Weasly took you to the tent. It seemed pretty small from the outside, but thanks to magic, it was like a luxury suite. You settled in then few hours later you went to the arena to watch the game. When you met up with Draco you said sorry to the Weaslys and joined Draco. Draco smiled and introduced you to his father. He seemed pleased when he found out you were a pure blood. Soon the games started and you cheered for your brother. You rejoiced when his team had won. You bid your goodbye to Draco and gave him a big hug before you parted for the very last time. You reunited with the Weaslys and celebrated with Harry and Ron. Ron kept talking about Viktor and how great he was. " You seem like a really BIG fan of my brother Ron. I'm going to meet up with Vik in a bit." you said out of the blue. Ron and Harry looked at you. "What? Wait, didn't I tell you I was Viktor's sister? I forgot to didn't I?" just then you heard a noise outside.
  10. Mr. Weasly went outside to check it out. Soon he came back and told us all to go back to the portal. You Ran and saw Oliver knocked out on the ground. A person in black was about to shoot him but you got in front of them and screamed, "Stupefy!" they went flying backwards. But, unfortunately you were hit by the spell and all you could see was a light. Somebody picked you up. "I can't believe it's been about 5 years. You've grown up so much. When we were little you wouldn't even cast a spell, but look at you now. Saving people's lives. Don't worry about your friend, he's alright." the person said in a Russian accent.(Pretend it's Russian, I can't do Russian accent in American) You smiled and said, "Vik you did not change one bit. Too bad I can't see you right now." Viktor laughed and said, "Don't worry little girl, it will clear up soon. Did you tell the people you are with about Beauxbatons?" you sighed and said, "Unfortunately, yes. When I got the letter one of the twins took it and read it out loud. Then I had to tell them. Ron broke up with me after that. That reminds me he's obsessed with you." Viktor laughed once again. " A fan broke up with my little sister? That's sad. Did they find out about your animagus?" You frowned and said, "Well I actually convinced everyone that I'm a werewolf just because the moon forces my mutations." "You know you are horrible at keeping secrets." he said jokingly. You laughed and you slowly regained your eyesight.
  11. When you could fully see Viktor put you down and you said, "Wow your stronger. Where are we?" Just then Cedric came running towards you. He hugged you and said, "_____, I'm so glad that your okay!" You smiled and said, "I'm fine Cedric, if it weren't for my brave brother I would have been left blind on the ground trying to protect Oliver from those people. I would have been defenseless. Have you heard that he broke up with Cho? Man I hate her. Wait a second, where is my wand?" You looked around. You looked at the sky and saw the dark mark. Viktor handed you your wand and you thanked him. "Hey, I need to meet up with Ron and the gang now. Bye Vik, bye Cedric." You gave Viktor. When you were about to hug Cedric you tripped over a rock and fell on top of him. You both got up and said sorry at the same time. You both laughed and you looked into each other's eyes and quickly leaned in. You ended up making out for a good 15 seconds. You pulled away and said, "Sorry Cedric, Christmas all over again. This time I enjoyed it a little more." Cedric blushed and nodded. Just then Ron showed up and angrily said, "Come on _____, we have to go." he grabbed your arm, but you shook it off and walked with him. When you got back to the house all you could think about was Cedric and Beauxbatons. Since school started earlier for you, you got your things ready in the middle of the night and left a note on the kitchen table. You quietly went to Harry's room and left him your favorite Favorite ring with a note. The last thing you did was leave Ron a note with a white rose. Your eyes teared up but you didn't let them fall. You forced a smile and got your broom. You took one last look at the house and flew away.
  12. Harry's P.O.V: I woke up from the same dream _____ and I seemed to start having. I reached for my glasses, but instead I grabbed a ring with a note. I quickly grabbed my glasses and read the note. {Note} Harry, I'm leaving this ring for you so you can always have a piece of me. Put it on right now and something magical will happen. Just think about me and you'll see what I mean. {End} I put on the ring and thought, "Why would _____ leave this ring for me?" I heard a laugh echo in my head. "Hello? I left it because, well you'll see when you get downstairs." said a girl inside my head. "_____?" She giggled and said, "Yep right now I'm probably half way to France. Right now I'm going to take a break, I've been flying since 12 talk to you later. Bye Harry tell the twins, Ginny, Mrs. Weasly, and Mr.Weasly I said good bye and say it only to them. Oof! Ugh stupid trees. Bye Harry... Ow" I smiled and went down stairs.
  13. Ron's P.O.V: I woke wanting to see _____ really badly but I knew I couldn't. I sat up and saw a white rose with a note attached. The note read: Dear Ron, please take treasure this rose for it is the last thing you have of me. Je t'aime. Your friend, _____. {End} "What does she mean by "last thing you have of me"?" I thought. Then the thought occurred to me. I jumped out of bed and ran next door. The bed was fixed up and there were no pictures on the desk. I quickly ran downstairs. Everyone was gathered around the table. "Mom, what's going on?" I asked. She looked at me and said, "_____ is gone. She left to go to Beauxbatons." she handed me the note.
  14. Dear Everyone but Ron, I enjoyed staying at your wonderful home during the summer. It was quite a nice experience. I left late last night to travel to France for my new school year at Beauxbatons. I'm very sorry I couldn't say goodbye, but I just couldn't say goodbye to people I love dearly. I have left a few things for you. For Fred and George I have left 2 whoopee cushions. A type of prank for muggles. For Ginny, a pair of my old favorite shoes. Don't worry I never used them to much. I already left Ron and Harry's gifts on their nightstands. I will miss you and never forget you. Yours truly, _____.
  15. Hello there! I know this one is short! Sorry for wanting to watch T.V! Plus, I'm sad that Mar Mar didn't win Internet Icon. He's like the but in the world! How could they not choose him! He deserved to stay and win! He got back at Ryan kind of because he prank called him on Ustream. Too bad he knew... I'm getting off topic. Well that's my Part 5 for ya! Hope you enjoyed it! 1D forever! Butt Ninjas! Follow me on twitter search Sammy S. Singer! \\\ the last things were random. Anyways, stay safe! Don't do drugs. Don't drink! Stay in school! Bye!XStayLovelyX

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